Bear & Son Knives

I wish they had of put the Damascus versions of the knives here, I would have bought one…or two…

I’ve used a Bear & Son 205R as my daily pocket knife for about a year. They are very high quality and the handle slim compared to most pocket knives.

Plus, they are all made in America.

Bear and Son make a real quality knife. These are very competitive prices. If you are in the market grab one. You will not be disappointed.

I’m in the market for a good fishing knife. Would any of these suffice or can someone recommend something else?

Sure. Pick your poison on shape and size. I got one of these knives during the last woot off (not a model in this lot), and it’s a beautiful and very well made knife. Can’t speak to long term durability yet, but the way this thing is made, I can’t see it falling apart any time soon.

Just be wary of knife blades made with 440. Read up on it. A lot. Don’t trust opinions on knife forums from a guy who may not even know how to sharpen a blade properly. 440’s gotten a bad rap, some say it’s deserved, others feel it isn’t and that it’s still a valid metal to work with. I’ll spare my personal thoughts on the matter, but do study and decide if it’s what you’re looking for in blade material.

440 is pretty soft… that can be good and bad. It’s easy to sharpen, but requires more frequent sharpening. If you have the tools, time, and talent to sharpen knives you’ll be fine.

Most people that have the tools, time, and talent to sharpen knives know to use a better steel.

Bear and Son knives are the best “cheap” knives out there. I have a butterfly knife from them (the 117s) that saw lots of use as a camp/utility knife before I bought a Bradley Kimura. Apart from the paint flaking off it’s still in decent shape.
They’re solid enough to take lots of abuse, and cheap enough that you won’t feel terrible if they break.
And made in the U.S. to boot!