Bearly Significant



That’s really rather cute!

But how does this explain the whole bamboo eating thing?

Polar Bear, Black Bear, then just plain Panda?? Panda Bear!!

For those who don’t get it:

ZOMGZ it’s adorable. they’re hybridizing into a superbear

Oh, is that what they are called? I recall learning about them in second grade and using them in school from then on, but thank you for the link.


I’m not sure I want to know what they are doing. o.O

I’d like a more expansive diagram, myself. Where do the Spectacled and Sun bears fit in? What about the Grizzly?!

This may be a little bit of bear discrimination…

That’s because the name of the animal is a panda, not a panda bear. It is a bear, or at least is in the bear family, but it’s not actually called a panda bear. So while dissatisfying to your sense of parallelism, the shirt is correct.

It’s actually Giant Panda.

I’m hoping for bear pun shirts all week! C’mon Bearriet Tubman, Bearock Obama, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Bair shirts!

I think this shirt may need to packaged alongside a disclaimer (as it seems it drives people to violence).

I think the bunny crazy has everyone on cute overload.

I’m getting a bowling vibe.

Am I unaware of some type of national bear holiday? Do tell, please.

Unfortunately, this is one of those shirts that would probably get weirdly distorted for those of us who have a larger chest.

I looked at that information, and I still don’t understand what I’m looking at with this shirt. :frowning: I guess I R DUMB.

The only time I ever really used any Venn Diagrams was when I was in pre-K or so. Red and yellow circle makes orange circle, and so on. The rest of my Venn memories are courtesy of Woot ^^;.

Don’t feel bad, Draxxx, I will be dum whith u. ~_~

Haha, that’s Beary funny of you to ask