Beast Car Flag Roof Mountable Flagpole System

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Beast Car Flag Roof Mountable Flagpole System
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I was going to ask if it was compatible with the Confederate flag as well, but I see by the comments that it most assuredly is. Awesome!

Love, Love, Love how displaying the American flag is now seen as “redneck” or racist. And by the way, since this is the age of PC, we are offended by the term “redneck.” We prefer to be called Hard-Working-Americans - you know, as in the people without whom this country could/would not exist - thank you very much.

OMG I can’t believe that this is a thing. The reasons for NOT buying this are endless:

  1. You will look like the biggest d-bag ever.
  2. Your MPG will go to absolute shit.
  3. You will be contributing to distracting and or blocking other drivers vision.
  4. I am not a lawyer but I bet that using this is not legal in many states.
  5. You will roll your truck when you get hit will a stiff wind at the wrong time.

While I am sure that there are all sorts of warnings about not using this while driving… then what is the point?

Hey all. Pls keep comments civil.

Many of you ask for the old woot… this is straight up old woot.

Looks great in combination with a set of truck nuts!

Heehee you know you live in a small town when you see this ad and realize that this must be how the hicks in town all got their roof mounts for their flags. There’s not one or two trucks in town with this flag mount, but a good dozen or so. I think there’s a few that fly the American Flag, a few that do the Confederate, and one that does the Marines “Don’t Tread On Me” flag.

The bigger the flag the smaller the brain.

You were saying?

I hadn’t intended to buy one of these, but if it cheeses off all the looney left snowflakes then I’m in for one.

This baby is going to be strapped to the top of my BIG, HONKING CHEVROLET SUV that was made right here in THE FREAKIN’ U.S. of A.

And then I’m going to put the biggest American Flag I can find on it and then I’m going to drive around, honk my horn and yell “God Bless America” to every twenty something hipster weenie who is wearing skinny pencil jeans, has a sissy haircut and is daintily sipping his a ten dollar Starbucks’ Latte like a ten year old girl.

And then I’m going to my local bar and drink a huge mug of frosty cold beer while scarfing down a double bacon cheeseburger with extra pickles and onions while cheering on the DALLAS FREAKIN’ COWBOYS and yelling “WHOOO-WEEEE!” every few minutes while waving my cowboy hat in the air and cheering Jerry Jones for making it clear that every player on his team needs to stand up with full respect during the playing of the National Freakin’ Anthem like every decent, freedom loving American should.


Yeah, because there aren’t any hard working Americans who don’t share your particular brand of politics and social attitudes, right?
This would be perfect for mounting to that truck you use to go trolling…

[mod: edited out the last part. ]

I always see these with teenagers and a** h*les driving around cutting people off and gunning it to “coal roll” the convertible. The flag is usually torn and tattered and has been caught out in the rain… it is extremely un-American and a dishonor to our flag to treat it in such a way. Anyone who flies the flag in order to offend or to put it in the face of someone else doesn’t understand what patriotism is about. The flag is to be treated with respect not bolted to the top of a law breaking vehical used to terrorize others on the road. When it’s torn and tattered, you burry it or burn it in honor, not fly it from pickup and the way to the store.

Interesting. I’m from the Northeast and grew up watching the Dukes of Hazzard with a big old Confederate flag painted atop the General Lee. There was nothing controversial about it. My freshmen year roommate at college was black and from the South and he used to love the show too. So did anything with the Civil War change between then and now or did left-wingers just become PC reactionaries? The answer is obvious.

Anyway, I love how this conversation started on something completely unrelated with a picture of the American Flag on the back of a truck. No one will ever be able to convince me that liberals don’t hate this country. They wear it on their sleeves.

Funny you should equate being a “rebel” as “Anti-American” since the original thirteen colonies were themselves rebels who fought a war for their right to secede. It is wrongly called The Revolutionary War, because there was no actual “revolution,” which would have involved actually overthrowing the sitting government. In the case of the colonies it was a war for secession and Independence based on what our Founding Fathers believed to be our God given right of self government and self determination.

So being a “rebel” is actually being VERY American. As I mentioned to another person in this forum, the New England Federalists wanted to secede from the Union in the early part of the 1800’s and President Thomas Jefferson had absolutely no qualms with them leaving.

“God bless them both & keep them in the union if it be for their good, but separate them, if it be better.”

-Thomas Jefferson on the New England Secessionist Movement

Damn. I go to sleep for a few hours and I miss all the fun! lol… @TheTexasTwister and @cartervt2k … don’t bother. I’ve tried for years to teach truth, logic and reason to the left and all I’ve accomplished was a migraine. Good to know I’m not alone here, though.

I live in NC, and I can’t think of this item as anything other than used by racists and white supremacists. I know that there are some perfectly valid reasons for flying a flag from your vehicle (holidays, special events, school/team flags at tailgating events, etc), but in the area where I live, it’s only used by folks who are truly terrible people.

I will amend my statement to add that the department of motor vehicles sees adding a permanent flag to your vehicle as a highway hazard (at least here in NC). However, it is up to the discretion of law enforcement to see it as a imparement. As far as I can tell, no state has made it illegal to fly a flag from a vehicle, although many areas have speed regulations for that sort of thing (For example District of Columbia limits you to 40mph with a flag above a certain size, and it can’t go past your back bumper).
I will support my statement that flying any flag from a vehicle on a daily basis is inappropriate. Not just from the damage done to the flag by the winds that exceed it’s design parameters, but also that it’s a distraction on the road.
It is, however, appropriate for Veteran’s Day. As a USMC vet, I’m not getting it for my vehicle, but I’ll rescind my statement about WOOT! not thinking it though.
However, they should have seen this butthurt (on both sides of the fence) coming.

Where are the Woot! sales stats? Where is the map? I want to know which states are the most patriotic. (Redneck?)

Always happy to oblige. And good to meet someone of a similar mind and disposition.

Well, this is Veteran’s Day.