BEAST Tumbler with Lid, 2 Straws, Brush & Gift Box

BEAST Tumbler with Lid, 2 Straws, Brush & Gift Box

Why are there two photos of each color posted?

They are two different sizes.

Can you use hot liquids in this without burning your hands?

I’m confused why anyone buys these types of cups except the walmart ozark trail brand. They are all the same thing, but the walmart version can be found for $5-$7 a piece. I don’t get it.

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Cause we’re not all as smart as you MRC131.

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I’ve been using the Contigo brand for years which keeps drinks hot for 4 hours and cold for 12.

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Biggest difference between this and Ozark Trail is that the BEAST is dishwasher safe where as Ozark Trail is hand-wash only. The BEAST also comes with additional accessories that the Ozark Trail offering does not. All-in-all they are pretty compelling reasons to pay a little extra a more versatile product.


To be honest, some people don’t shop at Walmart for political reasons. I’m one of those people. I will gladly pay more to almost anyone else so that my money doesn’t contribute to the undermining of public schools.


Well if it undermines public schools, I’ll pay double.


Meh. If you have Amazon Prime, buy it from there and save yourselves a few bucks. However, if you have Amazon Prime and want it on two day delivery, you’ll save nearly 10 bucks! From WOOT! ($32.32). From Amazon Prime ($23.99 w/FREE One-Day Delivery). Shame on you WOOT! for gouging from your customers.

Where are you getting $32.32 from?

I don’t even pay $5 for a cup. I do have a very large nose though.

Great product, but not that great of a deal. Only $5 off normal Amazon prices.

Actually they are not all the same at all. They use different materials. For example I’m pretty sure the a lot of the cheaper cups use 304 steel on the inside and 201 on the outside. This is 304 steel in and out.

Also as mentioned this comes with 2 straws and a much better lid which actually slides closed. Good deal IMO.

30oz sizes usually sell on Amazon for $25 plus. So more than just a $5 saving

Keeps hot stuff hot, and cold stuff cold. How does it know what to do? :thinking:


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Yep we deliberately set out to gouge our customers and completely belie our tag line every day. We also sell custom lemon juice to pour on your papercuts to help you feel pain instead of enjoying fun shenanigans. We totally did not negotiate with a vendor to get the best price we could, and attempt to list it at a price that wouldn’t cause us to lose money on every item that when we did our research was the lowest we could find. We believe that no one actually knows how google works or how something like 90% of people price compare to Amazon before making a purchase, we just hoped to sneak this one by you. Damn. You caught us, you sly thing! We’re collectively hanging our heads now. Ring the bell, we’re ready for the nekkid walk through King’s Landing.