BEAST Tumbler with Lid, 2 Straws, Brush & Gift Box

BEAST Tumbler with Lid, 2 Straws, Brush & Gift Box

Seems everyone has some type of stainless tumbler these days. Just a few years ago, being only a few “Yeti” clones, you would still pay $30+ for these. Now, you find them on the clearance shelves all over. I got my wife a BEAST (lime green) and she loves it. got the whole kit but she has never used the straws. She uses those plastic bendy ones. I just might pull the trigger on a couple for xmas gifts this year.

I bought the 30 oz. matte black model of this on Prime Day last month, for $18.70, and so far I’m very impressed. I use it only for cold beverages, and it does a really good job of keeping the chill. The straws, particularly the curved one, make it much easier to drink at my desk. I’d definitely recommend this deal, for less than a buck more than I paid.

Or just go to Walmart and get an Ozark Trail for under $10, either size, or also to Marhsalls, TJ Maxx or Home Goods for less, or also to…

Yeti wasn’t the original, Tervis was around long before Yeti was… but the double-walled vacuum-insulated Stanley mugs were around long before both. Yeti was just the one who marked them up to 5x their actual value. haha

Are they really dishwasher safe? Including the colored ones?

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“Deals” like this one really make my angry. Why does Woot think it’s okay to inflate the “list price” to make this seem like a great deal? I can go directly to the manufacturer’s website and buy either size of this cup for $1.51 more than Woot is selling it for. So no, Woot, you’re not giving us a lovely 44% discount. You’re giving us a 7% discount. Stop lying to customers to make a sale. :rage:


For that matter, which of these are $16.99? Whenever I select any color if the 20 Oz., the price comes up $17.49, not $16.99!

Aquamarine blue.

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I bought one of each size of these a while ago. Then, I bought more of them for Xmas gifts. These are excellent. I love using a straw and don’t like the waste, so the stainless steel straws are wonderful. I love crushed ice, and with this cup, the crushed ice will last UP TO 24 hours!!! My ice has great longevity, even in a hot car! I’ve never had such a great traveler. Excellent colors, too! THANKS WOOT!

Well shoot. Was going to order a 20oz for my mom, but came to find out that Woot would be charging sales tax while Amazon doesn’t. So the savings shrank to a measly $1. Considerably less tempting now.

Edit: I added both the 20oz and the handle to my Amazon cart, and lo and behold they gave a $2.70 promotional credit for buying both. So I’m going that route.

Edit 2: Ah, it was because she just wanted the stainless steel one. This woot can save a few bucks if you’re looking for a powder coated one, as they are more expensive on Amazon.