Beat the Heat (While It Lasts)

I bought the Party Cove Tube and floating cooler set earlier in the summer from a previous Woot offer. It was 39.99 when I bought it. It is now posted for 19.99. I still think it was a good deal at the original price but it is an awesome deal at the current price.

The tubes are really high quality and they have held up to some alcohol filled tubing adventures this summer without any damage. The floating cooler held quite a bit of beer as well without any sign of sinking.

I would highly recommend the set to anyone in the market for some great tubes and a floating cooler.

"Aloe Gator Green Stuff After Sun Moisturizer

Green Stuff is a rich, soothing gel made with 99.5% pure aloe vera and a special formulation of other moisturizing ingredients to relieve dryness due to overexposure to the sun and wine. With its naturally healing properties, it prevents peeling and when used daily, helps maintain healthier, smoother skin."

I’ve had problems with exposure to sun and wine before. It almost always results in sunburn.

I have never had wineburn? Is it painful?

Heh. Fixed.