Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Headphones

Oh, look! It’s fashion accessories masquerading as audio gear!

I can surf the net for hours, but I still can’t find out what the frequency is for this headphone. Anybody know?

According to Best Buy, 20Hz-20kHz. Funny, same price as woot.

Funny too that they say free shipping but then:

Shipping: Not Available

It’s funny, a friend of mine who works at Barnes & Noble has nothing but praise for these. Employees were given them to wear at work, probably both to promote them and… I don’t know, all I know is they had to/got to wear them, and he was surprised by the quality and comfort.

Then again he’s not, to my knowledge, a hella audiophile, and it’s not like he had to pay for them.

Either way, they are indeed cute! $180-300 worth of cute? That’s a different question.

I don’t care about Beats, but I’m kinda interested in getting one of those mannequin heads…

I have this same exact model (in orange) and they are actually really good headphones. I got them for $130 used on eBay awhile back, and they’re on-par with my Audio Technica M50’s in addition to having more features. I really like the detachable cables, the mute button, and the color (ORANGE!)

My only real complaint is the drivers are pretty big, adding weight, and making them very hard to power. My Galaxy SIII can’t drive these very loud at full-volume, and if I don’t use my speaker output as a pre-amp, my on-board audio in my PC can’t drive them very loud, either. They definitely need a good pre-amp.

Overpriced, poor sounding, nice looking…

Here is a good review, be sure to watch the video, it’s worth it!
Beats review at InnerFidelity

Still not sure why you’d want to pay premium price for headphones with a deliberately distorted equalizer built-in. If you’re in to screwed-up bass-heavy audio, just buy a good pair of regular headphones and use your audio card settings to screw up the equalization for free.

Can mannequin heads be any more creepy? They are right up there with sock monkey creepy.

Why waste money on cheap loud Headphones with poor sound quality.

AT-M50 sounds better and cost less than douchebag beats. My recording engineering teacher said that he will give a fail grade if he sees a student use one of those beats for mixing.

I can think of at least five $100 headphones that sound better than Beats Studio.

Hallmark of bad sound: lots of bass. Because they don’t want you to hear the muddy mids and the harsh highs.

In terms of sound quality alone, these are $30 tops. The rest are for looks and celebrity endorsement.