Beats by Dre Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones

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Beats by Dre Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones
Price: $154.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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From what I understand from reading r/audiojerk, the red ones have the most base.

Not a very good deal - I got a brand new one for the same price two weeks ago.

When will people learn that Beats audio is absolute crap?? LMAO! Oh hey, it says DRE on it, must be good. LOLOLOLOLOL!!! How much for the refurb? $154? BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

overpriced low quality. you can do better!

Beats are the Yeti cooler of headphones.

The one nice thing about Beats is when you see someone wearing them, you know immediately they don’t understand audio tech.

actually…when I see someone with them, I think…hey…you got those for free when you bought a new mac just like me.

I have these. I wouldn’t pay more than $30 for them. I only use them when I’m mowing my lawn. They are great for that!

All you audiophiles probably listen to crappy music anyway! (LOL, i’m just kidding).

so tell us…what are better ones if you only have $155 to spend. I’m seriously asking.

Bose are slightly higher in price but if you’re willing to spend $155 why not pay a little more for brand new? Wireless Bluetooth Headphones & Earbuds for Any Lifestyle | Bose

$77.00 an Ear?

They literally have weights built in just so they feel more expensive. Do some research, you can get better quality for cheaper.

Cue the Bose arguments.

Audio‑Technica ATH‑M50


so many better brands!! It depends on what you’re looking for. TBH, beats have muddy bass that’s too emphasized. AT’s are good, also, depending on what you’re looking for. Bose are also good… again… depending what you’re looking for.

If you like a lot of bass, Beats are for you. If you like high fidelity, Bose is for you. The real questions isn’t “which are best?” it’s “what are you looking for in your music?” If you listen to the orchestra on Beats, you’re losing a lot of nuances. Conversely, if you’re listening to Rap and R&B on Bose, you’re losing the bump you’re probably looking for. There is no right answer, there’s only right research.

I own 7 pairs of headphones. B&W P3’s, Marshall (don’t remember model), Klipsch Mode M40, Klipsch ear buds (unknown model), regular samsung freebies with a phone (two pairs), Sony Playstation Gold Headset, and some other homedics bluetooth something or other set (idr brand or model). Yes, I have a headphone problem. Personally, I like the Bose quiet comfort 3 for drowning in music and ignoring the world with the noise cancellation feature. Bower’s and Wilkins are my other fav’s!

In the end, you just have to test pair after pair, and spend the money on the nicer sets because they last longer and they’re worth the investment.

Can someone please help me off this soapbox? I climbed too high.

When you have tinnitus, $10 is too much to spend. :wink:

wow! so nice to see a constructive comment. Thanks for sharing!

Audio Technica’s ATH-m50X are outstanding, come in several different colorways and can be found for as little as $80 new, MSRP for $150, as high as $180 for the hard to find LE colors.

Recently bought my dad the Bose QC35’s he’s been wanting a year after I bought his QC25’s, traded him so now I use the QC25 and they are fantastic, not as good as my Audio Technica’s in a quiet environment, but anywhere in public (cafeteria, airport, bus) the noise cancellation really lets the music shine through. Retail at $200-300 though