Beats By Someone We Forgot About

VERY clever. You m f’ers, always acting.

hahaha that was good

The Dre Beats solo HD are 124.99 else where. (I would of bought from Woot, as I prefer the customer service I have received on a couple issues and have been a loyal customer since near the beginning) They are ok. I only bought them since they are better than what my gf currently has and they are all pink. Pink being a priority for her, lol. I think my Klipsch Bluetooth sounds a little better. I wish Woot would offer some audiophile headphones again. B&O, B&W, Seinnheiser please.

I’ve got a decent supply of Beats items at my home, Studio headphones, earbuds, and I enjoy the sound on them; but I have to say, the Beats Pill is by far the worst portable speaker I have ever used. The bass on it is absolutely nill.

I still don’t see the what the big deal is with these headphones - way too much money to get what? A bass response that’s about the same as what I can find in a $20 set of Skullcandy Ink’d earbuds?

Although, maybe I just can’t tell the difference because my hearing has been destroyed by 8+ years of working around aircraft engines.

They do sound better than skullcandy and some of the other brands. They are not a bad choice, especially if you find a great deal. However, if I was to drop a few hundred on a higher end set, Beats is not on the list. I have gone through numerous pairs over the years, including Dre Beats, Sol, Klipsch (4-5 sets between earbuds and headphones), and other brands I bought off of Woot. I was rather tempted to pick up Zik Parrot last time… But I am eyeing B&W for my next purchase.

I really was contemplating on getting a pair of Studio Wireless but, after doing my due diligence there are better options. Mainly the Plantronics Backbeat Pro. Now if these were maybe 100-50$ cheaper that would be a different story.