Beats Executive Over-Ear ANC Headphones

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Beats Executive Over-Ear ANC Headphones
Price: $179.99
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I got these for Christmas from Costco at 50.00 more on sale. I love love love them. They are comfortable for an entire flight/ movie… Work great with my iPhone. The only downside is they need batteries because of the active noise canceling. So if your batteries die, so do you, but the batteries are really easy to change. I wouldn’t think twice if I needed another pair

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Specs say requires 2 (AA) batteries, and then included in the box are 2 (AAA) batteries

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Be very, very, very, very, V-E-R-Y careful before you buy these on Woot. I purchased a pair of Denon headphones on here a couple of months ago. It listed a 1 year Manufacturer Warranty on the page (The Beats offer shows a 2 year warranty). I had reason to contact Denon about the headphones and during the conversation found out that is NOT an authorized re-seller of Denon products. A strange side-note: The person I spoke with said WAS authorized to sell Denon products until the beginning of this year.

Which meant that from the day I received the headphones I wasn’t covered by any warranty, period. I randomly checked with a few other audio sites whose products I had seen on Woot to see if they were listed as verified re-sellers, and on the sites Woot wasn’t listed I verified with a quick phone call to confirm that they would not honor the warranty on ANY product sold by Woot. Audio companies take very seriously the fact that unless they list a re-seller on their site there is a very good chance you might be purchasing a knock-off and they just won’t deal with customers who purchase their products from anyone else, no matter how trustworthy you think the source is.

It took a couple of days to get a return authorization and a full refund from Woot for my headphones, which could have taken a lot longer, so I am thankful for that.

It does sicken me a little though that their policy seems to be ‘act surprised if someone notices we can’t legally offer a warranty on an item, and offer a refund to the few people who catch on WITHOUT admitting fault or letting other people know.’ This is more of a cautionary tale for anyone who came to with the understanding it is a subsidiary of Amazon and therefore trustworthy. Amazon owns a stake in Woot but DOES NOT have any dealings at all with the company except to cross-promote merchandise.

VERIFY THE PROCLAIMED WARRANTY on every product you purchase here through the manufacturer BEFORE you buy.

[MOD: See my post below
UPDATE: We’ve contacted Denon. They have communicated with their support team that we are an authorized dealer.]

I was really tempted until you said if the batteries die so does the user… :slight_smile:

munroebagger: I’m very sorry you had a difficult time getting your Denon headphones. We work very closely with our vendors and have a very long-term relationship with them.

There are times that a rep may not know that we are an authorized dealer. In that case trying another rep may help.

Also, if you are ever denied the stated warranty service (subject to their terms & conditions) for an item we sold, please forward all correspondence (or summarize it) to so we may assist. Sometimes we’ll help with a return; in others, we may contact the vendor on your behalf.

Either way, we will help you.

For those torn between the Bose QC-15 and these I can share with your from a layman who travels for business and is on a plane almost every week.

I left my QC-15 on a plane and they were of course gone. Took me a long time to finally pull the trigger on a new pair and this time I gotthis model. The Bose does have better noise cancelling and the sound quality is about the same. Also, the Bose are more comfortable. That being said, this is a GREAT price and I am pleased with my Beats Executive Headphones.

Wish I still had the Bose (I had a gift certificate for Brookstone so that is why I got these over the Bose).

Are these wireless or wired? The title is Beats Executive Over-Ear Active Noise Canceling WIRED Headphones. They appear to be wireless to me.

Many reviews over on Amazon warn you about the hiss sound these make when ANC is enabled. I would expect that on $30-$70 phones, not $200 phones.

How’s this compare to Audio-Technica ATH-M50, besides having richer bass and cost about $30 more?

They are wired. You can see a pic of the wires with control in the last photo of the gallery on the sale’s page.

A lot of sales from northern states. Must be warm like earmuffs.

It is confusing how they show them like there are no chords then have 1 picture of a bunch of chords.

Most large cup Headsets come with detachable cords for storage and are often pictured with the cords detached for a cleaner look. Not sure if that’s deliberate or not but very few cans I’ve found come with a non-removable cable

Ordered mine today…I did…Jamming to Tunes at 30,000 feet…will I soon be. (Yoda Speak)

I have the M50’s and they blow these out of the water. The M50’s may be one of the best headphones in this segment ever made. The bass is perfect on the M50’s, however you need to have the EQ set up just right, which is the case for most audiophile DJ headsets. The only thing that I want on the M50’s is the active noise canceling, but when I use the M50’s on the plane, it drowns out pretty much all of the noise. I’d say its worth checking out, especially since there aren’t batteries required.

The M50’s were on sale a little bit ago for $99, but usually say around $150. If you can grab em’ for $99 or less, new, then I wouldn’t think twice.

My $0.02 :slight_smile:

I don’t know if “blow these out of the water” is completely accurate.

The m50’s and these beats are almost 2 different type of products. Don’t mistake these executive versions of beats for the original models.

I’ve had and sold the m50’s. IMO they’re great for producers because there are no exaggerated sounds but the sound is crystal clear.

If you want bassy plus the noise cancellation go with the executives at this price.

There are plenty of reviews on both and overall don’t think you can go wrong with either at this price.