Beats Executive Over-Ear ANC Headphones

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Beats Executive Over-Ear ANC Headphones
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4.3 Stars over at B&H Photo

Toms Guide reviews

Overpriced mediocre sound.


Beats. Meh, I guess if you like BASS and not much else. And cheaply made.

I can recommend these from Plantronics. Nice sounding. Great ANC, battery lasted an entire flight from SF to Paris (9 hours or so) Really nice pouch. They also survived me spilling a cup of club soda into them. Pull off the cord and they’re Bluetooth (but no ANC in BT mode). Also, you do NOT have to have the ANC turned on to use them as corded headphones, so you still get sound even with ANC off/dead battery.

What is the name brand of Executive Over-Ear ANC Headphones do they beat?

The site Huffpost republished from

now has a disclaimer that the teardown was done on knockoff headphones.

They then did an article comparing real vs. knockoff Beats.

Your reviews and articles don’t even apply to this series of headphone, which doesn’t have the ridiculous amounts of bass.

The Backbeats pro from Plantronics aren’t bad, but they are out performed by the Bose QuietComfort 25

I’m not a fan of Beats products, and 95% of them are a fashion statement and provide absolutely awful sound quality, but these headphones for $150 really aren’t that bad.

As I mentioned to the previous dude, I’d agree with that for the majority of headphones, but the reviews I think disagree with that statement.

There are slightly better options at the same price point, and for the full retail price, Bose outperforms them, but that isn’t bad.

Mine had a feedback whistle in the left earphone so I called Apple, they told me the SN I bought was purchased in 2014 despite them being listed as new and purchased by me in Nov 15. They agreed to fix them for free anyways, but not too happy with Woot right now.