Beats Headphones & Beatbox Speaker

Are the Powerbeats worth it? I’ve gone through about 6 different pairs of headphones for gym/running use and I have yet to find something that fits my weird ears well.

Is the Beatbox speaker refurbished?

It is new. If you click on the box to see the sale page, you’ll see the condition below the price.

Hope that helps.

I have the power beats they are great for the gym. Best ones I’ve had so far. The over ear part is flexible so you can mold it to your ear. The sounds is the best I’ve had, deep bass even better then bose in ear I had. I do cardio and lift heavy, and have about 6-7 other headphones get damaged from sweat and weights snapping off the plug by the jack.
Heres the thing, Buy the warranty with them. the talk back control is all plastic and flimsy. seems like lots of water(sweat) starts malfunctioning it. I do take them in the steam room though.
In all, cord doesn’t get tangled, they stay put, the sound is excellent, and this price is worth it. but get a warranty.

Thanks for the input! I’ve had a hard time finding one that fits my ears while wearing glasses; since it can be molded to place that sounds great. I’ll def get the warranty, a lot of reviews do seem to say the same thing.

Anybody have any experience buying on woot? alot of bad reviews online and I’m a first time buyer, but the price for these is unbeatable assuming they are genuine beats.

I ordered Beats headphones from Woot a few years ago. They were bootlegs and sounded awful. Woot acknowledged it and apologized but I’m still stuck with a worthless pair of headphones. As Pete Townsend would say “I won’t get fooled again”.

They are genuine beats, and buying from woot is a consistently successful experience for me. I just fear for the fact that you want to buy beats in the first place. They are notoriously inferior quality for such a high price as far as headphones go.

I bought two sets of the power beats from previous woot plus sales. One set arrives cracked and the other set arrived with a short in one headphone.
Would not recommend.

My credit card was compromised after an order on Woot. Hopefully the corrected that. I contacted them never got a response.

I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t heard back from your email inquiry.

I’ve gone ahead and forwarded your inquiry/post along to Woot Member Services.

Thank you for your continued patience while they attend to the issue.

I’ve had 2 orders from woot just recently and I love the deals I got. I am just so skeptical at these beats as I’ve seen a similar price and look at another deal site (which I am unsure of). When I search for the model name, the pictures that show up in the search against this picture are different. How do I know they are genuine?

monoprice 9927’s plus a set of better tips like the comply’s are the best set of earbuds I’ve used. You can get both for under 30 dollars combined on amazon. Woot really needs to push these instead of the JLab garbage you see every other week.

These are genuine Beats product. Some of them, such as the urBeats for Android, are older product and were bundled with other products. They weren’t sold as standalone retail product.

Got a pair of the powerbeats a couple weeks ago when they were up on woot. They were genuine beats with all accessories, good sound and never fall out of my ear at the gym. Only downside was they came in bulk packaging but deff worth it for the price

I currently own a pair of gen2 studios im simply buying these monster studios to see which version sounds better i know it seams silly but i feel the gen2’s lack good bass.

Can anyone confirm what the jack looks like on these? I can’t find any pictures. Is it L shaped? Straight? Will it be a problem on my Nexus 4 while I have a bumper on?


I own a beatbox and since it’s new I recommend it.

This thing gets LOUD.

You can hook it up to a bluetooth receiver or buy the one that attaches to the back.

Which ones? Not sure if we have samples but if not, a wooter might pop in to answer.