Beats Headphones & Beatbox Speaker

Ah yeah, forgot this discussion is for the ‘event’ and not the single item. Thanks for pointing that out.

Was asking about the urBeats for Android headphone jack, specifically.

It’s straight. Hope that helps.

I work at an electronics store , and that beat box dock thing sounds very , very good. Trust me.


For most items, you can purchase extended coverage from SquareTrade. When it’s available, there’s a box/button in the Features. If you’re on a device that doesn’t like Flash, you may not see it.

Click on that and complete the purchase through SqTr directly.

Why has no one pointed out just how disturbing the mannequin heads are? It’s creepy. But I would totally buy the headphones if they came with one of the creepy heads.

Because that’s Mandy. She’s a regular in these parts. We :heart: Mandy.

So, these won’t work with the new iPhone #5X or #5Z?

Which item(s) are you asking about?

Random, unrelated comment:

I always giggle at any photo that features the female mannequin head.

I’ve been a wooter for a while now, and while many things have come and gone over the years, I am glad to see this old head keep working. It’s like the Lindsay Lohan of Woot.

Beats are a complete ripoff, much like bose. They have a built in mixer that makes everything more bassey(?) and pretty meh drivers. Essentially you get all this bass and are tricked in to thinking these have better sound quality because you’ve never heard bass like that before in headphones. Well, yeah, wrong, that’s bad. For the money you can do MUCH better, try for ideas.

Oh, lest we forget:

>>>>> MANDY ALERT!!! <<<<<

Bought two pairs of the powerbeats just a an email confining purchase and that it will arrive within 3-8 days where is my tracking number?

I don’t see any orders associated with this woot username - hence the white box by your name. Did you order under a different account name?

yes I did sorry for the confusion. the account name that I ordered these under is “mota0025” still no tracking number just a conformation number.

Ahhhhhhhhh. That’s better.

Patience, my dear Mota. As the sale stated, they’ll ship out in 3-5 business days. Today is the 4th business day since the sale. Soon. Soon, they will be in your ears.

I bought 2 pieces of Lady GAGA version, they are fake, no base at all. Don’t purchase that one.

They are not fake. They are authentic. Maybe they’re not be very good headphones but they are not fake.

What you mean by " not be very good headphones" ? If they are not good quality product, you shouldn’t put the original price as so expensive, and misleading people to believe there are good quality product. If it was from Monster, it must be good. I had the same model from They are really good.
Are you kidding me? earphone come without any packaging, just one small bubble plastic bag? Here in LA downtown, I can find same quality product with REAL BOX, and they sale for $20.
when i put it in to my ear, it hurt my ears. I tried to listen music with it, horrible!!!
You shouldn’t sell these ear phones, I just got reply from your company, woots don’t offer refund because of my personal reasons.
Bad product, bad services, no returns.
Will not buy form woot again.