Beats Lady Gaga Heartbeats In-Ear Headphones

Ugly… No thanks… Lady Ga ga is tooooo Ga GA.

Bought one like 2 years ago on a deal like $25 just want to test the beats. Sounds like a beats (tested in studio, unplugged right away…) and nothing else. Not comfortable and doesn’t stay and just keep dropping down from my ears. Guess you could buy it if you prefer look > comfortable & sound.

I don’t recommend buying these at all. That useless rectangular decorative casing keeps the tips from inserting in to your ear properly. When you push it in, that plastic piece will pinch your outer ear and you still don’t have a proper fit. Don’t you see why these are on deep discount?

What do they mean by “Item will ship in bulk packaging” ?

I bought the silver ones (which are in the Bad Romance video) years ago when these first came out, and I still love them! They were some of the first Beats, and sound amazing. I don’t understand all the comments about them falling out; they come with 5 different ear bud sizes and stay in my ears just fine.

I’m thinking all this means is that they won’t come in their original box. I ordered a pair from Tanga a few weeks ago and it was the triangle case they come in with the headphones inside, all inside a little plastic bag.

They will not be in retail box (or blister pack). They will come in a bag or something else.

I am so mad that I order it on last Sunday,but still no shipping to me until now!!!!

I checked your order, looks like it delivered today. I sent your tracking info to your PM’s.

ordered these a week ago(the 9th) and still says it is being packaged to ship. what gives, is it shipping with no status update? hope so, cuz the 8 day shipping window is closing fast.
Man, when I started buying from you, you guys were on f-ing point all the time. now the last item (a 50in TV) is garbage (my fault for not getting warranty). the more you stretch yourself to make more money, the more customers are going to fall through the cracks. you should take it easy and make sure you are making people happy. tons of one time buyers wont compare to return customers. please take care of my order. i would appreciate it.

Sorry to hear about your experience. I’d recommend trying the ‘Track by Reference’ feature on FedEx’s website. Use your order number as the reference and estimate 5 business days after the order was placed as the ship date.

Additionally, if you haven’t already, please email your order number, user name and issue to for CS assistance. Let us know how it goes!

Same, it just costs me too much patience, and custom service never reply my email.I will not buy anything from this web after this.

Already have done that.

Are these knock-off beats? I know they had a fairly deep discount, but I can’t help but notice that the headphones don’t have the L and R markings on the outside portion of the band, and the quality is MEH.

The plastic does stab my outer ear, but whatevs. They were only $30.

We do not sell knock-offs.