Beats Powerbeats 2 Wired In-Ear Headphones

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Lot of one star reviews complaining how they die after a year.

I have a pair of Beats Powerbeats that came with my cellphone (it was one of those Beats HTC phones from like 3 or 4 years ago).

Anyways before I listened to these I was always skeptical on Beats being worth the price. After listening to them however I really love the sound.

They are a little bass heavy, but for someone like me who listens to 90’s Alternative, rock, heavy metal, and a little techno these sound great.

As for build quality I’ve had them over 3 years and they work just as they did when they were brand new. I’ll wear them, then throw them all bunched up in my backpack, pocket, cupholder in car ect… lots of abuse and still going strong. If they die I’ll most likely shell out actual money for another pair.

We bought the powebeats 2 wireless from woot and were completley disappointed that they were completely used, and in no way refurbished.

Dog hair and ear grease on the earbuds!!

Super gross.

Worst part is they were bought as gifts so after they were opened and we realized the quality we were forced to pay retail for the new ones (when we could have got them on sale weeks ago if we weren’t relying on the ones from woot).

Just be aware that the controls on these Powerbeats, unlike the ones that came with your HTC phone, do not work well on Android phones. Specifically, the volume does not work, and most likely the skip functions. The audio will still work, and maybe the microphone. Apple products use a non-standard pin-out from that used by every other device on the planet, so controls designed for the Apple pin-out (as these are) don’t function correctly on other devices.

I thought this item is listed as NEW .
Did you buy a used one ?

The ones we are selling today are NEW. The ones he bought were refurbished.

Mine broke like a week out of warranty. I had also bought some cheap $30ish ones on Amazon that have a little less bass but have lasted me several years now through gym sweat and snow. They were bought to be my beater headphones but they have survived where I was actually much more careful with the beats. I believe they are called soundpeats. I guess I’d still go with the beats for sound quality (just slightly) but if I were buying wireless earphones for only sound quality it wouldn’t be either one of those brands really anyway.

I have a pair of these. They work and sound great, but have one major flaw: The narrow joint between the earpiece and the external part that sits on your ear is rather fragile. One side of mine broke the first week I had them from setting my laptop down on them by mistake. However, I got some two-part epoxy from the hardware store and glued them back, as well as reinforcing the joint on the other one, and have had no problems so far (about 3 months). If you are hard on stuff, I would give these a pass.

Yeah we got the refurbished ones, but hey we’re actually refurbished at all.

Price Drop

Hey all, buyer is in a really good mood after a nice 3 day weekend. She’s lowered the price on these for y’all. Buy ALL the headphones.

If you already purchased, that money will hop back into your pockets soonish.

Bought the beats for $79 for a Christmas present. Beats never turned on. Was offered full refund or just $10. Now I get online and woot is selling the same Beats for $69. All I wanted was another pair. That was not offered to me yet they are selling them cheaper. Good luck to the next sucker on this deal. Stay away!

Great news. It was cheap and now is cheaper. I bought some. Hope I will receive the reduced money soon.

Thanks Woot!

Wireless can be had for the same price!