Beats Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Does it come with a pair or do you have to buy two?

The photos feature wires pretty prominently for what I’d expect on wireless headphones. What are they for?

They are wired together but not connected to the device directly.

they are refurbished badly, I bought and returned them. there is bad glue work done and it seems like heat was used, they dont look like pictures and looks pretty bad.
I have pics but no place to post them

What color did you buy that showed the bad glue job?

Yes they are refurbished VERY badly. They look more USED than REFURBISHED, and there’s a big difference. Refurbished means reconditioned, and the ones I received just looks like someone bought it, tore everything up to get to it, probably wore it few times, then stuffed everything back in the box and returned it. It’s terribly irresponsible to call these “refurbished.” Mine is also missing the end piece that ties the back of the wire together. I may still keep it since it functions and is a good price, but WOOT can be more honest about the condition of this product, or rather do a much better job recondition them before shipping them out.

Wonder how many of these suckers are one’s that I broke.

Sweat causes these things to not work anymore. They kinda suck aside from the fidelity.

Are you being serious? Target has them for ten dollars more with a gift card reward…I was seriously debating these but you guys are scaring me.

Refurbished in-ear headphones? Gross.
What’s next… refurbished tooth flossers maybe?

Ooooh, good idea. I’ll send that off to the buying teams. Thanks!

I bought red and black

Its not only bad glue work, there is heat used that made black discolor to grey, on both sides of earphones. It was very bad it looked like used and badly fixed. Luckily woot support saw the pics and offered return lable and refund.

here is a pic link I uploaded. hope it helps

See it yourself

That’s really bad

I thought one of the benefits of a refurbished product aside from being “used” is that they fixed the bugs that was originally there.

I’ve had a pair for a few months now - not refurb, got used.

They’re in fine shape but they kinda suck as a headset. The sound quality is ok, but after a couple minutes talking they start cutting in and out and distorting.

What I do like though, is the volume control actually controls the headphones’ volume, not the phone volume. So I don’t have to worry about resetting phone volume for every device.