Beats Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

May I know if the headphone is contained in retailed box? Thanks.

Per the description: Packaging may be opened or show signs of wear. Unit may also come in new brown box packaging.

does that mean its used?? has it ever been in someone’s ear…it is not clear to me what open box means.

So, the specific question of “Has this been in someone’s ear?” is actually really hard to answer. To put it simply, we really don’t know.

Open Box items have been purchased and opened prior to being resold. They may have been opened and tried on by someone who then decided to immediately return them. Or, they could have rested peacefully in the box for their entire life. Open box items are not the same as refurbished items, which have been gently used for some period of time before being restored to their refurbished glory and sent to a new home. Open box items have never encountered the lifestyle that would lead them to need to be refurbished. They’ve never really been properly “used”.

But, have they been in someone’s ear for a brief moment? Maybe.

Just want to know if the headphone comes with Beats retail box, but you give me an answer that I found no answer.I want someone can say yes or no.

From the features:

Open Box/New: These units are new condition. Packaging may be opened or show signs of wear. Unit may also come in new brown box packaging.

Mine came with a card that said REFURBISHED. There is old ear dirt, ear pads that clearly did not come with the original ones and no manual. Second time I got hosed by WOOT and Beats…

I’m very sorry. I’ll let the buying team know.

Please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

Very disappointed and dissatisfied with these headphones and woots response. The volume control on the headphones quit working after one use. Only option is to return for full refund or reorder a new pair. They say they can’t replace them because they don’t have any in “inventory”. Not sure how this is possible since they are still selling them on their site.

I’m really sorry. I know it’s confusing, and we are trying to work to make this system easier to understand and better for customers. Essentially, we don’t have any “inventory” to ship a replacement because these headphones are owned, and shipped by a vendor- not by Woot.

Exchanges are a slow and clunky process. We try to avoid them in favor of simple returns.

Again, I’m really sorry for the confusion.

I would hope that you would have a plan in place with your vendors to avoid these situations.