Beats Powerbeats In-Ear Headphones

These earphones AREN’T even worth the sale price.

  1. They are only compatible with iPhones…you can listen to music but you can’t even talk to people via the mic if you’re using a different phone much less use the forward/backward functions on music.

  2. The sound quality is about the same as the quality I get from these $9.99 iLuv earphones…I didn’t notice any awesome bass or crystal clear treble.

  3. Bottom line - you’re paying for the brand name and the celebrity attachement

Truthfully, when mine came in they were terrible. NO bass whatsoever. All treble. I bought a pair from a popular electronics store, took the new one’s out and replaced them with the Woot versions, and returned them to the store. Keeping the store bought headphones, I noticed a HUGE difference. MUCH better sound, deep bass, crystal clear highs. I am not sure if Woot is getting poor versions of these, but I pulled the ole’ switch’a’roo and the new ones worked great. Just ordered a pair for my lady and I’ll most likely do the same again.

As a former resident of Cleveland, OH I can’t get behind these…

I ordered the PowerBeats a couple days ago and today I found these negative comments without any response from WOOT. Do the comments above mean that these headphones are FAKES??? Plz give us an explanation or a SPEEDY refund.

They’re the real deal. If you emailed Woot Member Services, you’ll hear back in 24-48 business hours.

That is BS, I emailed them about an issue 4 times and patiently waited before I sent each email, and until today…nothing. I even asked a staff member on the comment section for some random product to help me out with the issue and they said they would let the support team know… but still nothing. Woot’s member service team sucks… yet…sad to say…I am still here

Rigo, sorry for the problem. I’ll ping them again to see what’s up. In the meantime, be sure you’re looking in your spam/junk folders for the response.

Why this item is shipped in bulk packaging?. Is this the real product or a KNOCK OFF from china. Why woot is providing the limited warranty but not the powerbeats ?. Woot be transparent in product description. $60 is a big amount for a fake item.

They are verified real product from Monster.

Then why the bulk packing and limited warrant by woot but not Monster

They were not available via retail so they never had retail packaging.

Some vendors ask us to carry the warranty. We do so for quite a few sales.

Monster??? I thought these were Beats, and they split up quite some time ago, are these the old Monster version? that might be better…but old…

PS. I did hear back from support team within 48 hours, on a Saturday, so guys it’s not that bad. Thx for the responce

Please respond, are these Monster or are these Beats?

They are Beats by Monster.

The Wikipedia article on the history of the company might help.

So mine arrived today and I must say that I was surprised that they supported Voice Over on my 3rd gen iPod Shuffle, quite by accident. They did not, however, support adjusting the volume. The center (silver) button seems to work as expected, but neither my i-Anythings or Android phone recognize the Up/Down (volume) controls. Anyone else with this issue?

I got the shipment message after 5 days since ordering, and it says it arrived yesterday, but I havent received it, wtheck is going on

I’m sorry to hear that. Have you checked with neighbors, an office or any porches/bushes? I’d suggest getting in touch with the carrier to see if they can tell you where they left the package.

If you need further assistance, please email with your order details and situation. Keep us updated.

Tried to call them, nobody picked up, I need this sorted out NOW plz, I DID NOT RECEIVE THE PACKAGE

Sorry for the problems. You will need to contact your post office to see where the item is. Also, you might give it a couple days. It’s not uncommon for the USPS to note that it’s delivered only to actually do so a day or two later.