Beats Powerbeats Pro True Wireless Earphones

Beats Powerbeats Pro True Wireless Earphones

I tried buying Apple Care but it says serial number is invalid. They come with year warranty, kind of weird

These things are absolute garbage. After buying cheap brands for years and having them last a year or two before breaking, I thought I’d invest in a big, known name. These are THE WORST I’ve bought.


  • Deep integration with iOS
  • Decent sound
  • Good fit. Don’t move
  • It does have some “quick charge” mode that gives you 1.5hrs of listen time in like 15 minutes. I think they had to add that feature because of the slew of cons about to come…


  • Battery life is pathetic. I’ve had dacom, mpow, etc that could do standby for DAYS. These? Less than 24 hours.
  • Their “clever” magnetic charging method often doesn’t work. Doesn’t get good connection all the time, which means the headphones don’t charge. No indicator on the earpiece itself, so you have no way to know.
  • Charging case is bulky, compared to other earphones I’ve bought that charge
  • No battery indicator on the case itself, which means you might think you’re good and charging, just to find out when you go to use them that the charging case crapped out a few minutes in, and because the battery life is pathetic (see above) your earphones are dead by morning.
  • No way to turn off earphones when not using. Because standby is crap on these, if I could turn them off for the 8-10 hours I’m at work and NOT using them, I could eek out some more battery life. But no… no way to do that.
  • Sum all the above CONS up: you have to charge these things daily, whereas I’ve had plenty of cheap earphones last me DAYS of use (30-60 mins per day of listening) between charges; you have to be VERY careful when going to charge these, often resorting to having to open the app to see if the bluetooth connection registers EACH earpiece as charging or not; and you have to work to keep the case charged, because, besides the app again, you have no indicator as to how charged the case is.
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well, you probably got a bad one! i had these for almost two years now and they still work fine. i listen to talk show(yuotube) while at work and most of the time they last at least 6 hours of nonstop, just the internal bateries. and the case lets me to charge them for another full day+. but i know a guy and also a family member that have tese and one of the ear piece stoped workinng for them in about 10 months of havy use( on the way to work, at work 10h, on the way home after short charge). the only problem i have with these is that they dont have an option to let the sound lets through. they seal out outside nose very good, i was even able to shoot a pistol and rifle outside without any discomfort to my ears. overal, these earphones are good for the price.