Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

“amazon battery life”

Is that some kind of subliminal advertising?

I had one of thee that I bought retail. The design really sucks. The headband is all plastic and flimsy. Mine broke maybe 4 months after buying it, leaving the headphone dangling and making it completely unusable.
I would never buy another


Are you sure you aren’t talking about the original Solo headphones? That was way too common with those, but I haven’t seen that with the Solo 3.

It’s easy to check out the quality of these. Look on the mother ship, or cnet or any other place reviewing headphones.

They are junk, buy Bose or Shure.

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Or sennheiser or any audio company that trades on quality rather than style.

Or Sony. Love my WH-H900Ns. Refurbs are cheap and the sound is amazing.

How does these compare with Bose QC35ii?

I had a pair of Solo 2 which I bought about 2-3 years ago and they are GREAT; and they still look and perform great also. I just gave them to my niece so I could get the Solo3 model. Sound quality is fabulous, and I’ve owned just about every type and brand out there.

You don’t believe those reviews do you?

By the look of the picture, the headband is the cheap plastic that was on mine. Why would anyone make a headband of plastic?

Until the headband breaks

On my cans, the headband is metal encased in plastic. I doubt it’s going to break anytime soon.

It breaks right at the can where there is no metal