Beats Studio 2 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

All you Bose people need to buy these! They go perfectly with your $1100 Wave machines!

[Wait for it…]

Seriously why spend this much on headphones unless you just have money to burn?? I get some luxury items and I understand why people overspend but on headphones I don’t get. To me you are paying for the name. Are these really that much better than the 30-40 ones you can get in best buy or target? Does it really sound that much better? I understand if you are in the music business but to the average joe???

You’re just out to make my job hard today, aren’t ya?

Always love how the same arguments come up every time Beats are brought up. A year or so ago, while overpriced, these were some of the better bluetooth headphones on the market. Now the lack of aptx and the increased saturation in the market really hurts them. This is a solid deal if you’re looking for brand recognition and don’t care about aptx technology (which both fit if you already buy apple products that don’t support aptx yet). This isn’t that much more than similarly performing headphones.

So I actually own a pair of these and I love it! I bought mine on Amazon for about 250$ during the Black Friday sales and haven’t looked back.

I’m an IT consultant so I travel pretty frequently and these fit my needs perfectly.


  • Completely wireless via Bluetooth, so no fussing with wires at the airport. Also, I’ve destroyed a few prior headphones by getting the wire stuck in car seats, etc… so no worries there.
  • Love the sound quality! I’m not going to sit here and say I’m an Audiophile, but for the music I primarily listen to (Hip-Hop, Electronic, R&B, etc) its amazing. The bass is great and even the mid and lows sound awesome. I understand at this price point, you can get more bang for your buck…but I doubt those other headphones are completely bluetooth. Even over bluetooth, the sound is great. I typically listen to Spotify at its highest quality to give you a range.
  • Very comfy. I have these on my head for hours. Can get a bit toasty, but never uncomfortable.
  • Long battery life. I’d say all day battery life at the very least. By this I mean I’ve had it last two flights and a long cab trip to the hotel with a bit of juice left. If you only use it to/from work commuting, multiple days.
  • Included Mic! I teleconference on a daily basis and the built in mic is great! The package also comes with a 3.5mm cord if you want to ditch bluetooth to save battery life. This cord also has a built-in mic. I usually keep this cord attached to my PC so I can make a quick connect and then connect to bluetooth over my phone to receive calls.
  • New design makes it very small and more durable than the first huge plastic builds. I used to work at an Apple Store and we’d have to replace the Studio 1s maybe on a monthly basis due to the way people were handling them. I’d say these would last longer and are more durable even though its still a plastic build.


  • By far the worst thing about these headphones are the fact that if the battery dies… no music for you (read in a Soup Nazi voice). Yes, that means even with the 3.5mm cord. I can certainly see this as a deal breaker for a lot of people. Not for me. The battery lasts long enough where its not an issue…but you know there will be one day when it dies on you. Can you deal with that? It happens to me mostly when I’m working from home, so I’m not really paying attention to it. The saving grace is that you can attach a usb to start charging it and it’ll start right up. So instead of a 3.5mm cable, I’m tethered to a usb cable…no worries there. It does charge pretty quickly though!

  • If you can get over the deal breaker mentioned above, than there’s no other major cons. The price can be a bit high, but when you compare it with other completely wireless headphones, its in the same arena. Plastic build will detract a lot of people.

In short, I love it at the price point I got it at. I can see myself paying 300$ knowing how much I love it now. Hope I can at least help some people’s decision making on this. I always get the best help on Woot!


I have these (not purchased from Woot) and use them with my iPad. When on Bluetooth there is a slight delay on sound effects with some games, but no noticeable delay on watching videos. But they come with an audio cable so if there is a problem you can plug it in.

I have experienced audio delay with streaming videos over bluetooth, but I’d attribute that more to my aging mid 2010 MBP. I have 8GBs of RAM, but I’m also outputting to a 22inch monitor with a bunch of tabs open and VMs up.

I’ve never experienced it when my laptop is running light or on my Nexus 5. I usually plug in the 3.5mm cord when my laptop is boogled down and no lag.

Both the wired and wireless Beats Studios come with a 3.5mm cord, so highlighting that in your comparison is a bit misleading.

Anyone considering the wireless Beats should also look at the Plantronics Backbeat Pro - $250 Amazon (I can talk about a competing product, right? Same company’s getting the money in the end)

As a former Beats wireless owner, current owner of these, the Backbeats sound crisper while still friendly to the bass-heavy crowd, and come with way more bells and whistles: 24 hour battery, pair two devices at once and will remember several (I get much more use out of this than I thought, between my laptop and TV both having it), your music/video pauses when you take them off your ears, and has a button for when you need to switch from tuning the world out, to actually talking to somebody: the mic amplifies outside noise into the headphones. Comfortable. Well made.

Edit: Unlike the Beats, the if your battery dies, you can plug the 3.5mm cable in and they just become headphones. Of course none of the bells and whistles work, then.

Cons: I think they’re attractive, but they’re not the Beats in that department. Also the noise canceling is middle-of-the-road. Though with N/C, it feels to me like there’s Bose and then there’s everyone else.

If you want comparable headphones these would put the beats to shame…

Here’s a note from someone who’s actually used these (crazy, I know!):


  • probably the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever worn, which is important for me because I have big ears and a big head.

  • good sound quality, on par with anything else higher end (yeah, people who don’t know anything like to whine like children about Beats and Bose, but the sound is good, and anyone who cares enough will use an eq anyway).

  • no lag, so video isn’t an issue. I used these in a room with 20 other people listening to a live concert that was playing on a screen in front of us – no lag problems at all.


  • While the sound is good, you can absolutely get something that sounds as good or slightly better for $50-100 less. You pay extra for the name.

  • As mentioned above, the battery will absolutely die in 2-3 years, and you’ll have a very expensive paperweight. This is really the deal-breaker for me, as wireless isn’t the most important thing in my life where headphones are concerned. YMMV.

I would love to see a double blind trial of the headphones vs a $20 pair

Like my uncle said, “Money doesn’t spend itself, you know!”

Basically when you buy Beats what you’re getting is their idea of distorted audio performance - namely heavy bass emphasis - and you’re paying top dollar for it. So why not just buy solid performing headphones with linear performance and turn the bass up?

Beats have NOTHING to do with sound quality for their buyers… it’s a premium brand like Coach, Gucci, Armani, etc. It’s the status.

That’s why the big B on the side.
Sound only needs to be “good enough” for the neophyte.

You won’t find wireless, over ear headphones for anywhere near $20. Those features could be just as important as sound quality.