Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphones

I seriously have no idea if these are any good because the people who seem to own them don’t seem to be the type of people who would objectively determine if the $200+ they paid for headphones was actually justified.

Lot’s of comments from when this was offered in June

Let’s read this “excellent” review over at

These aren’t the best sounding headphones out there but they will make you so cool in the eyes of your friends.


Bingo. I would like to vote this a quality post.

Well, if you look at any other $200+ set of headphones, they usually have detailed specs listed somewhere on the box. Even crappy brands have the specs listed. Every Beats headphones box, ad, and webpage I’ve seen do not have any specs listed. I personally don’t think Beats are any better than a $40 set of over-ear Skull Candy headphones. I’ve you’re going to drop +200 on headphones, AKG, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, or Beyer Dynamic is the way to go.

I have these, got them as a gift. They sound great, and with paired a HTC phone with beats they sound even better. That said, they are tight on my head and I’m 7 1/4" hat head. They barely fit my brother who wears size 8 hat. Also if you wear Gunnar glass they will press into your head a bit more. I wear them mostly at work to block out the noise, which works great even at low volume.
I would recommend if you want some high quality headphones and have a smaller head. Also battery life is about 6 months if using them for 6 hours a day 5 days a week.

I had a pair of Beats HD Solo headphones and I got rid of them as quickly as I could. It’s all about the name. They boost the bass on music a lot, so people who like a lot of bass (mostly hip hop) seems to like them. I have some Bose in-ear IE2 headphones and those compared with the Beats was night and day. I had to crank up the volume with the Beats and things were not crisp and clear like with my Bose.
I’m sure I could find a better sounding pair of headphones, but I love the way the Bose fits and I have zero complaints

This, all day. I was young once and bought an $80 pair of Skullcandy DJ cans. I thought they sounded great. Flash forward a little under a year and I picked up some Sennheiser headphones on sale for $15. MUCH better than the Skullcandy’s. I got a pair of Sennheiser HD 280 cans for 50% off at $75 and they’re the best quality headphones I’ve ever owned and super comfortable.

When it comes to Beats or Skullcandy, they’re the same as Tommy Hilfiger jeans. You’re paying for the name and the name alone.

True story:

I was at the dump last winter, about to throw my recyclables into the huge bin, when I spotted a pair of Beats headphones at the very pinnacle of the heap. I thought “what the hell” and I grabbed them. Took them home and they didn’t work. I took them apart and found a loose wire. I soldered it back in place, and voila!

The bass is overly redundant. We have a pair of Sony Studio headphones that my wife got for about $50. The Sony ones aren’t as comfortable, but they sound about as good. My advice - if sound is important, save your money. I spent ten dollars on a new cord, and it was worth it. But I’d buy something else for this kind of cash.

My Skullcandy in-ear headphones are great for the $10 I paid for them.

Beats are overpriced BLING without any jewels in them. I bought a fugazi set from a chinese importer for $7 to play a prank on my friend who has these. The $7 counterfeits SOUND BETTER than his set he paid FULL retail for at an airport kiosk (another dumb move…anyone notice these while flying? They are everywhere)

  1. Don’t compare the Solos to the Studios. They’re miles apart in quality.

  2. You can’t say “it’s all about the name” and then recommend Bose headphones in the same breath.

Funny,I just picked up new headphones today. Heard these, but in the end I preferred the Sennheiser HD 380 Pro. Big cans. Great sound. $150. A steal. Sennheiser makes some of the best cans on the market without the glitz of Beats or Bose. With those, you’re paying for OK headphones and a ton of marketing.

That’s funny :slight_smile:

If someone really wants some good cheap cans, I can’t recommend the ATH-M50s enough. The price has increased dramatically on the mothership, but they’ll likely come back down around $110.

I’ve only listened to Beats in BestBuy, but they’re decidedly mediocre :frowning:

Buy a pair of Sony MDR-V55’s(or any 50+ dollar of headphones) for about a fourthish of the price, and enjoy better sound quality, and the joy of not feeling like a fool for paying 200 bucks for a pair of headphones that get outperformed by just about every mid level price range headphone on the market.

The ATH-M50s are great! I picked up a few of these for the home studio as replacements for my worn out AKG k240s.

I agree that Sennheiser doesn’t rely on marketing tactics to move product. They simply release consistently excellent gear at a fair price.

I own a pair of Studios, M50’s, and QC3’s. I like the M50’s for recording and studio work because they do a great job at replicating how music truly sounds. I prefer the QC3’s for the iPod and travel because the noise cancellation is great, they are very compact and comfortable, and I think the Bose headphones enhance the compressed MP3’s well. The Studios go really well with my Oakley’s, they’ve got a lot of bass, and they’re louder than the other 2. I really don’t have anything positive to say about them. They’re as big as the M50’s, have terrible noise cancellation, and they don’t sound that great. I would like to get a pair of Sennheiser HD 598s, but I think I’ve got too many headphones. Should have saved the money instead of buying the Beats.

My thoughts exactly.

… also make sure you buy a matching color pair of sneakers to match whatever color beats you buy. It’s the way!