Beats urBeats In-Ear Headphones

Are these the real deal? Do they come in the original box?

These are new in retail packs.

Specs have nothing on frequency response, impedance, or efficiency.

The sign of a quality product. But then it’s Beats - so it has nothing to do with the actual audio.

I just got a pair of these. Sound is typical “Beat” sound. I went running with them this morning. Not the quietist but not bad, either. Especially if you’re listening to music (vs a podcast).

Look exactly like the ones that came with my htc one phone, it’s ok. nothing mindblowing, i’d say worth 10$~

Tanga has some “Monster Beats by Dre iBeats ControlTalk Headphones” for $48.98. They show the original price of those as being $149.95. I wonder these and those fall on the Beats hierarchy? Based on appearance, I’d say the cheaper Tanga ones are the higher model.

The model shown are not the HTC model. Note the flat cord. I have a set of HTC and although the volume buttons do not work on iPhone, the sound is above average. Hopefully what they ship are the urBeats and not the HTC model. And I hope the buttons work on iPhone. But WOOT has a habit of putting things up for sale and not doing their homework. Seems like they put more time into funny sayings when they should be researching their product.

These are NOT the HTC models.

If this is worth it really depends on how you like to listen to music. If you like really clean music that is true to sound then get the Klipsch S4 (series 2) that can be found on sale for similar prices.

If you want a little extra bass and kick to your music then I would recommend these. I have owned both and found that I generally prefer these buds to the Klipsch. Though I like a little extra bass and will never claim to be an audio snob.

I feel Beats gets a bad rap because they are over priced MSRP but when discounted like this they are actually a pretty decent value. One of my coworkers phrased it best, Beats are the best 75 dollar headphones that you can buy for 300 dollars.