Beats urBeats In-Ear Headphones

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Bought two of these on March 22 when they were offered. Not impressed. The mic stopped working after a month and sound quality diminished greatly as well. Tried with IOS devices, Android devices, computers and just plain MP3 players; same poor results with each. I have a set of phones thato came with my zone in 2007 that work better than these do today. I’ve pretty much just put them in a drawer as backup. I do like the carrying pouch though!

nice packaging, marketing and product placement with celebrities. mediocre sound. these are built to a price point by the lowest bidder. you can do better for the same price.

Have bought 4 pairs of these over the years for the kids…

Never had a pair not crap out…

The best way to go if you have to buy these is to pay more and get some kind of “no fault” insurance…

This bugged me so had to comment. Its $99 retail, not $149. Also this is selling on Amazon for $49 so not that great of a deal.

Anybody know what Model No. these are?


Manufacturer Part No: MH7H2AM/A

Ditto The Beats are fair the Pouch is good.

I bought these on March 22nd as well.

Within days, the cord needed to be jostled sometimes to make sure the sound would keep working.