BeatsX In-Ear Wireless BT Headphones

They were already out of warranty (2017), and “Woot” isn’t a registered 3rd party seller, although Amazon is, which didn’t make much sense.

Bummer to hear some of these have been a big fail. I got a pair of these two years ago when Apple had its back-to-school promotion and they’ve been rock solid. Good sound, convenient W1 pairing, and the battery life is great.

I’d be tempted to buy another pair at this price, but y’all have me worried.

These are NOT reliable. Not recommended at all. Just had a month old pair die on me.

I want to know how Woot had more of these to sell when I have been waiting for replacements for 2weeks and I’d like to know where the ‘old’ discussion from that previous sale went to??? The discussion that showed that none of the ones sold worked. I was told by woot that they could not ‘replace’ them as they were out of stock (I purchased 3 pair Sept 8 - ALL were bad) so I had to send back the ones I got and accept a refund (or $15 per pair credit to have them repaired - brand NEW unopened items should not need repair and Apple wouldn’t even look at them for less than $89!), and now they have had them for sale again?? All while telling me they were out of stock? So they were listed as under warranty, but had no warranty. They were listed as new but none of them actually ever turned on (mine or anyone else that purchased on Sept 8). The previous discussion (which would have warned other wooters that these do NOT work has been ‘removed’ so they could be sold again to other unsuspecting buyers??? What has happened to you woot?!

Woot doesn’t physically “have” any of these. These likely come from third party warehouses and such. Woot is unable to sneak into some other company’s warehouse and steal a replacement for you.

This one?

It didn’t go anywhere.

Apparently you haven’t been reading my emails from woot. Well I’ll update you…Woot said they would seek replacements rather than refunds. Asked that I wait additional time for them to find replacements if possible. I did. Last week they had exhausted their search and could not find any…many apologies…then a few days later they are selling them here again. (Hopefully not from that same bad batch). Do you work for woot or are you just bored? Did you purchase a pair of these headphones? Did they work? Did you purchase them previously or from this last sale?

Yeah he’s behind on all that. I’m still waiting on him to reply to those early 2010 “forward or you’ll die” emails from my aunt.


Yes the one you found by clicking on my ‘name’ and finding my old posts…which does no one any good when they are seeking reviews or comments on a specific product. But click on the product link and the old posts will not show up. Even clicked the link ‘stuff I bought’ it brought me here…to this charming thread…which had 6 comments rather than the thread from the actual sale earlier in September. Such clever people here today.

Did customer service offer you a refund or a replacement? Sounds like they did. I’m not sure there’s anything else Woot can do for you.

Don’t work for woot, but this is the excuse I’ve seen a bunch of times when woot says they don’t have any to send a replacement, yet they are still selling the item. I am surprised they offered a replacement in the first place. Just trying to help…and also bored.


Replacement if possible they said. Not sure why you are answering for woot…but this is not the first time woot has offered a replacement if possible…said they searched and could not find one…then turned around within days and sold the product again.

Hi there. I’m checking in with CS.

Thanks for the clarification…and yes I do wonder what is up with this…this is second time in a few months this has happened and it’s frustrating. Been buying from woot for many years now…and in the past year or so it’s all been crap (and not the good kind!).

'cause this is a public forum, bruh. If you want responses from woot employees, try contacting woot customer support.


thanks I am currently waiting on my return label for the 3rd pair I purchased that didn’t work. Got the label for the first 2 pair.

and your responses were so very helpful…because I didn’t just say that I’d been in contact with customer support.

I’m not answering for Woot.

I’m curious about your experience. And why if they were so awful you wanted a replacement. Take the money and run. I’d personally never leave a bad review warning people away and still accept a replacement product.

Unless I was hustling… but that’s different. People who buy risky items from sketchy websites deserve what they get. Just sayin’

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You’re welcome!

woot didn’t use to be a sketchy website…I’d like to ‘think’ they aren’t now…but starting to see a different side of it. The product is not awful…maybe this was just a defective batch? And I was hoping they could find replacements because I don’t want to turn around and buy them from their ‘parent’ company (?Amazon?) at a higher cost when they could possibly get them from their own parent company and give us replacements without costing me additional funds. I don’t want to pay $100 a pair for them if I can get them for $60. Seemed logical to me. And if you read through the previous thread (entire thread not just my comment) - you would see we were hoping they would reach out to Apple to honor the warranty as well. I want to believe they exhausted themselves to fix the problem for the many people that got a bad item…and I know woot will give a refund (never had a problem there) but what I"m ticked about is they said there were just none to be found…and a few days later they are selling them here again. I guess in hindsight that does seem sketchy. Especially since this is not the first time this year this has happened.