Beaume -25 Mummy Sleeping Bag

Nice bag to toss in a car or send off the college with your kid to keep with their bug out bag (don’t forget a sleeping pad). But I doubt it will keep you warm at -20. My guess the same people who figure out MPG for the EPA ratings are the same who rate these bags. My guess with it’s fill and if you strip down, you might be ok in the 20’s. Even decked out in proper sleeping layers, -20+ is pushing it.

The ‘features’ tab indicates “4.65 lbs carry weight”, whereas the ‘specs’ tab shows a weight of 5.65 lbs.

I seriously doubt that it sheds one pound just by picking it up and walking with it. Does anyone have an idea which way that 1 lb difference swings?

Sorry about that. The correct weight is 5.65 lbs. It’ll be fixed shortly.

As always, thanks TT!