Beautyko Garment Care



What really ticks me off with Woot! is their attitude of late. They will say - or not say, depending upon the circumstances - whatever it takes to sell a product.

What am I talking about? Read through the whole description of that green Beautyko BK0646 iron…do you see ANYWHERE where is says that it’s RECHARGEABLE? No. Why? Because no one will buy it if they knew. It stays hot long enough to iron a shirt collar – if you’re lucky.

Woot, you take disingenuous to a whole new level.


I have one of the garment steamers and it works great. Was even able to take it on a cruise (Royal Caribbean), but only after they mistook it for a coffee pot. “Oh, it’s a steamer…you can have those.”

Was able to steam the wrinkles out of all my shirts and my suit. Very handy.


Does the car vacuum include an ac adapter for use in the home?


Looked around a few sites. They all say it just hooks up to a car.