BeautyKo: TLC 4 U

The blonde in that picture looks heavily photoshopped or something. I’m getting an uncanny valley reaction to her…

That other girl is missing part of her head.

I keep laughing looking at these pictures, now, guys. Thank you. =)

I came here to make fun of the model photos. Was not disappointed.

Ha no one cares about the items… just the funny photo shopped images. Awesome!

For a minute I thought the girls were advertising for Spencer’s Gift store.

Exactly what I came here for (and apparently everyone else) :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe they photoshopped her goiter out.
In any case, I can almost hear her say “isn’t it so so sexy that two mice are running down my back?”

seriously has anyone ever tried this?

Those little muscle stimulators are essentially weak TENS units, originally designed to help block pain.

Placed in the wrong spots (across the forehead?) they can cause seisures. But nobody reads the warnings in the new Idiocracy.

Many years ago, there were ads in national magazines for the “Relax-a-Sizer” that looked like a wide, WIDE belt that went across your gut and used electricity to make the muscles twitch. It was taken off the market by the FDA, but I’m not sure why.

Anyone know the mA on the Stim units?

These products are more of a Electronic Muscle Stimulator then a true TENS unit see this site…

Ebay has the BEAUTYKO ULTRA-SAGE model for $24.99 and $4.99 shipping BUYIT now feature…

The girl in the center looking over her shoulder looks like the actor in the Nationwide commercials. The black leather outfit, doing acrobatics through the house replacing stolen items.

And let’s not forget the Sears and Roebuck “Electric Belt”,to stimulate mens’ dysfunctional nether regions! Ah, how time flies and repeats itself. Putting it on our head wouldn’t shock us out of hucksterville, even in our whiz-bang present!

I’ve searched everywhere for a decent pancreas toner! No longer will I fear beach bullies making fun of my flabby internal organ. Thanks Woot!, you came to the rescue again!

Mocking the hot, sexy ladies with muscle stimulators is also my jam.

I have one of these TENS/Stimulation units, and while not a “true” tens unit, it’s also not $100 to $250.

I’ve had some bad upper neck stiffness and pain from desk sitting posture / pinched nerve and used this in-between visits to therapy at a Chiropractor where I got massage and real TENS. If you place the pads on your muscles in the right place, I got the same stimulation of my muscles and the same relief from this unit that I got from the real one in office. I was using this 3 to 4 times a day for a couple of weeks and it was a life saver. New pads for it can be had on Amazon at about 50 cents a pad, as the pads will only last a hand full of uses.

The biggest difference between this unit and a real TENS unit that I found is this unit ramps up in power much fast. I might get the TENS at say 12 in the office, but 12 on this unit would probably nock me over…I wouldn’t know for sure because I couldn’t use this unit over 6 or 7…it got way too strong.

Only downside I see is the price here, this can be had on Amazon for $9.95 if you search for Digital Acupuncture. That includes prime shipping for you primers. It’s not black, but I guarantee it’s the same unit.