BEBIRD Ear Wax Remover Endoscope

Saw “otoscope” on Amazon’s Deals the last few days as cheap as $13 and had to look up the word. Pretty sure it described the spoons, picks and ability to store pix/vid (perfect for TikTok freaks). There are models with suction for a bad case of earworm, #YBMMV…Your Brain Mileage May Vary :flushed:

m60 ear picking GIF by Scorpion Dagger

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Well I suppose I didn’t need one of these after all.

Answer What GIF by Lil Jon

Like… WHY?

Do you realize than anything beyond 1 cm will be fuzzy? Don’t get too excited about sleuthing.
I bought a longer fiber optic one as a bore scope like device so am not guessing about this. It is designed for short distances. I also use a $200 Otoscope and likewise their depth of field is that short.

Fun fact: road flares make the best ear candles


Vincent says to look out for side effects:


I have one. It works great! Takes some skill orienting yourself to the inside of your head, but the video quality is great.


If you see this, you may have pushed too hard:

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Mine came without instructions. It’s the R1 model. Need to install Bebird app then connect to scope via WiFi. Runs about 25 minutes on full charge.

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Mine came without instructions as well

I think it goes into an orifice on the side of the head. . . If pain is encounter do not proceed to other side.

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