Bed Your Bottom Dollar



And Goldilocks thought the first bed was too big. The next bed was too small. The third bed, however, was just right. What’s your size?

Notice that we have a Cal King here. I know many of you have asked for that size.


The description says blue paisley. Is it blue or the bronze color shown in the picture?


Yes, I would like to buy if it is not the blue color mentioned? Can we confirm that it is the color pictured instead of a blue color? Thanks.


Checking. Thanks for pointing that out.

**UPDATE: The base is aqua blue which you can kinda see. The paisleys are as shown in the picture. **


Thanks for finding out.


Where do I get the fleur de lis shams?!!!


Come on folks, how about “split king” for a size?


How about split king for all of the adjustable bed fans?


Isn’t that just two twins?


All 3 of you?


Received my sheet set one day last week and opened it up today. No label, so I’m not entirely sure how anyone could identify them as Cali Kings from outside the package. But they are marked on the inside labels as C King, so I’m ok with it. They are very thin, but they do feel like they will be nice to sleep on. But the main thing that I noticed about them is that they smell absolutely AWFUL. There is a terrible chemical smell coming from them even after washing them twice and drying them. They are currently on a third wash. I don’t know what I am going to do if the smell does not come out - I certainly can’t sleep on sheets that smell like these do. Very disappointed so far.