Bedding and Bath Clearance

Word of warning: the bathroom sets with the “Oil Rubbed Bronze” finish have some durability issues. The dark finish is a surface coating and a soft one at that. I got one of these a couple months back and the soap dish is extremely scratched and shedding flakes of the finish into my soap.

I just want some clarification. Do you smoke the bath salts, snort them, what? I know nobody would be silly enough to just soak themselves in brine; salt uptake through skin is virtually nonexistent.

They have different effect depending on the particular type of bath salts, but they’re not meant to improve salt absorption. Epsom salts, one of the most common, are meant to soothe sore muscles and are often used for arthritis. There are phosphorus salts that promote exfoliation.

This is, of course, assuming that Woot is selling actual bath salts, and not the drug of the same name.

The towel set is very nice. I bought them in the royal color. Would have bought more today, but it looks like I woke up too late. :frowning:

Not fair! Why do the kids get all the cool stuff. Sneakers with tail lights and now slippers with headlights.
Dang! (so not a word I use but I think you know what I wanted to say)
Anywho…there are some folks that actually not only want but NEED slippers with headlights.

the Razor shower head is the best