When I received my duvet covers from this sale, they stated “MicroFabric” - NOT “MicroFlannel”. They’re very thin, almost see through, and feel like a top sheet. There’s nothing about them that even resembles flannel. Misconception, much? I’m not the happiest of Wooters at the moment. :frowning:

Side note: There aren’t any ties for your duvet, either. And sadly, I was too upset over [edit: the flannel] issue that I just swallowed my anger, got indigestion and in the confusion went ahead and washed them. I couldn’t very well let my duvets run around naked, now could I?!?

Just remember, they’re NOT Flannel. And Woot, could you correct the description? Thanks.

Hey there, apparently MicroFlannel is a registered trademark and we’re obligated to call it that in our sales, we do note in the description that it is polyester. We are checking on the closure type, however. If you did get a closure other than what we advertised it as, please use the support tab above to send a note to CS and we’d be happy to look into your case.

Thanks, mate - sorry if I sounded snippy in my post earlier, it was not my intent at all. Gladly, I’m not upset with Woot, now that I understand the situation.

All microfiber is synthetic, aka, polyester. Not all microfiber is the same, as in the case of the generic style of microflannel fabric, which (usually) has a soft brushed feel to the top.

Unfortunately, my critique of the product itself stands in that this brand/trademark, MicroFlannel®, is not “a rose by any other name,” i.e., the duvet covers I received are not flannel-like in any way that I can see or feel, hear or smell. I was sad when I noticed it was lacking.

Just my very humble POV.

Ah, now for the ties. Apologies for the confusion! My two covers have the right closure. All good!

To clarify, in my OP I should have also said that sometimes duvet covers have small ties or buttons on their inside corners. These can hold the duvet or comforter in place from the inside so as not to let it twist or get jumbled up inside it’s housing.

I was just mentioning this product didn’t have them. Through years of owning various duvets and covers, I learned that whether it’s got ties isn’t always listed, so I look for it in the reviews generally. One can also find clips, like like the ones pictured here from a google image search.


I agree – these are SO CHEAP, I am very unhappy! one step up from trash.

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