Bedding Clearance

Rayon from Bamboo Coverlet Set - Black Pearl- 2 Sizes shows $74.99 yet neither size (King or Queen) is quoted at that price.

They forgot to remove the pricing from the selection text when they copied the sale. It’s fixed now.

Price decreased $17 since I bought the lightweight down comforter on Feb 3 - OUCH! :frowning:

800TC Easy Care 6-Pc Sheet Set-2 Colors

Materials: 55% Cotton / 55% Polyester

WOW! 110% material! What a buy!


Question about that Home Source Blanket. I was looking for another image to get a sense of the color of the hemp one. It looks very brown elsewhere vs. the cream color on Woot. Which is it? Thanks!

After doing some research, the buyer thinks our photo is correct.

Thank you! I like the off-white, but brown would look terrible with the new black/off white coverlet I bought from home.woot earlier this week.

They forgot to list 10% antimatter for dimensional balancing.


PS: Checking
Update: It’s 55% cotton, 45% polyester. Sale should be fixed soonish.