Bedding Foundations: Exceptional Sheets

The Extra Plush Mattress Pad is made in the USA and claims to be used by Marriott hotels.

Got mine in the mail today and while the pillow appears to be excellent it was wrong size and singular (i.e. only one).

Help me Woot! Help me Jesus! Help me Tom Cruise!

Ugh, sorry about the mix-up. If you haven’t, please email with your order details and situation. CS can check into things and get you taken care of.

Any info on firmness for the “Down Alt Bamboo Pillow”?

Taken care of already. That didn’t take long. Thanks!

Got mine today…

In the box:

(1) Extra Plush Mattress Pad with Fitted Skirt

Except it DID NOT come with a fitted skirt… UGH

Are you thinking it came with the box spring skirt? The fitted skirt on a mattress pad means that it comes with material that hugs the mattress rather than straps.

Sorry for late response… yes I did think that… the photo showing a skirt fed that thought :slight_smile: