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Guys…do not buy the grey chevron comforter. It looks nothing like the picture and it is a total mess. It will snag if you breathe on it too heavy and looks very tacky in person. I’m not even going to use it in my guest bedroom. 1/5 stars.

Behrakis 8Pc Comforter Set-Grey-2 Sizes

specifically looking at the purple stripe delia set: what is the thread count? I dont see it on the page?

It’s a polyester microfiber. Those don’t usually have thread counts.

More on Microfiber

So I ordered a set on July 13 and the tracking number provided does not even work? Called FedEx and they said tracking was itiniated but they never got a shipment. Does these usually take a while? I sent email to woot, awaiting answers.


Sorry to hear that you haven’t received your purchase nor an answer from Woot Member Services

I’ve gone ahead and forwarded your post and information along to Woot Member Services to help investigate the issue

Thank you for your continued patience while they attend to the matter.

Same with me. I ordered this on the 12th. Emailed Woot customer service and was told to wait a few more days for a tracking number. Got the tracking number on the 24th, and the Fedex website says they have no record of the tracking number everyday since them. Emailed Woot again on 27th (Sunday) and have yet to receive a reply…

same story with me! when i wrote to woot last week, they claimed that it took 3-8 business days to ship, but it’s never taken this long before. and then i e-mail customer service again on monday morning because it had been 11 business days by then (and the tracking number wasn’t giving any info) and i haven’t gotten an answer yet.

it has now been 13 business days (ordered on 7/11) and it looks like the package hasn’t shipped out yet. i understand that stuff happens, but at least communicate with your customers!

Hi all. Sorry about the problem with the shipping. I’ll add you to my afternoon report so they can look into it.

Update: Looks like y’all have tracking now.

OH MY GOD. woot customer service finally wrote back (after 2 and a half days) and responded about the wrong order (i have something else that is set to arrive tomorrow and they thought i was asking about that)!!

the case number was on the subject line and everything, argh… they’d better not take another 2.5 days to respond. this is getting really annoying.

I’m happy that the shipment is “Finally” in transit, however I am extremely displeased that it took almost a month to get this figured out. In addition to that, I emailed Woot on Sunday the 27th, and it took close to 4 days to respond to an email… Unacceptable! The company I work for, we pride ourselves on our clients & customers because without them our company doesn’t exist. Every Client, Every Time, No Exceptions, No Excuses!

I understand maybe taking a few extra days for a shipment to get here from order date, but come on, close to a month is absolutely absurd. I’ve really never had a problem with Woot, the products, or shipping for that matter, but this entire fiasco has left a seriously bad taste in my mouth about Woot’s integrity and dedication to their customers.

great, now how about an explanation and possibly an apology?? not directed at you, thunderthighs… i know you’re just the messenger, but this should be addressed.

I ordered the Delia purple stripe 8 piece on July 14 and it shipped on July 22 according to woot but I was unable to track it until the day it actually arrived on Thursday August 31. When I saw it I thought I overpaid if I got such a tiny box but no they sent me the Rhys 3 piece duvet set instead so I sent them a message and they replied that on August 2 to please be patient and wait while they conduct an investigation. It is now August 13 and I have yet to receive any follow up. Woot messed up an order I ordered a week later than that and that one has already been resolved. I tried sending a message on Monday but no response yet so maybe If I post here I might be able to get this resolved.