Bedroom Furniture, South Shore Style

I got the Vito queen bed from Wayfair for $230 back in September. It is also available on Amazon in white and chocolate for $242 and $233, respectively. As for the quality of the bed, I am satisfied with it.

In regards to the Vito headboards, that is the best price for the bookcase headboard since I only see it for $125 other places. But the regular headboard is available on Amazon for $75.

well the Holland frame with storage is available from walmart for cheaper and free shipping

south shore? looks to me more like jersey shore :slight_smile:

Have been looking for a queen platform bed…but black is terrible. Need some better color choices! Sigh. Pass.

I want a dresser, but I’m terrified by the words “complete assembly required”.

I bought the Holland headboard and queen platform bed.

This headboard was fairly easy for me to put together alone, and nothing was too difficult to balance or maneuver. The end result is a headboard that seems a little bit too short for the modern thick mattresses that most people have. If you have a thinner mattress, it’ll look much better. My mattress comes to about 6 or 8 inches below the little shelf, a full 12 would have looked nicer. I paired it with the matching platform bed from the same line, so it’s not that.

Basically what you see is what you get.

The bed was moderately easy for me to put together alone, though the manufacturer recommends 2. The only part where I could have used a helper was the very end when I put the surface on. I do HIGHLY recommend being very careful, and to read the directions in detail for each step. Putting the platform on at the end is VERY difficult if you dont use the spacers. If you put it together alone like I did, I recommend connecting the surface together with the the mattress stop that goes at the foot of the bed before attaching the surface…the extra weight helps keep everything from shifting while you screw it down. If you attach a single surface piece (out of 4), it can move around a little until you get a screw into each end meaning you have to re-space it.

The end product is alright, but looks a little cheap. The picture is pretty accurate though. Great for a guest bedroom, or teenagers room, but not really meant for anyone with taste or a 6 digit income. Since I’m single, tasteless, and poor, this works out pretty decent for me, ymmv.

Tools they don’t recommend, but will make your life MUCH easier:
Power screwdriver
Several beers
Knack for inventive use of profanity