Bedrooms From Baxton Studio

Hello Woot. I am looking to buy my first expense over $600 in this website. I need to make sure it is exactly what I need.

Do these bedrooms carry warranties? Is it limited and where can I read it?

Also, out of all these beds, which ones allow me to fit a box spring under with no hassle? I have a King mattress with two box springs directly under it. Thank you.

The warranty is stated at the bottom of the Features. Looks like these are 90-day woot. There’s a link there to info on teh warranty.

The wholesaler covers the first 30 days of that warranty.

All the beds in this event are platform so they don’t require a box spring.

Do these include the mattress, or are they just the foundation?

Just the foundation. You can see what is included (on most of them) in the features.

Thank you for your prompt response. I noticed some beds, like the Sheila, are higher from the ground than the platform. Would you be able to find out from the manufacturer if I have the freedom to opt-out of the slated bases and put my box springs instead.

This will help me decide between this bed and the other grey model which is lower from the ground.


Can you help with the last reply on the last request?

The description for the Sheila leads me to believe that the wood slats are included. I’m sure there’s assembly required, and you might be able to just skip that part. However, you can certainly contact Baxton Studio to confirm; here’s their number: 800-517-0717