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For what it’s worth, I just bought one of these citrus juicers about 3 weeks ago & have used it a half dozen times. Easy to clean (if you do it right away, if not the pulp hardens like cement), only 3 separate parts that detach for cleaning, and it really does ream out the juice. Found mine at TJ Maxx for $20, so (sans shipping) this is a better deal.

Where is the Omega SLK100GS blender made ?

Anyone have one ?

The capresso 12 cup coffee maker is a piece of gossa. If you attempt to make more than 6 cups it doesn’t drain out fast enough and it overflows the filter and you get grounds in your coffee. Don’t do it.

The Accent Furniture Somerset 6-pc Bedroom Set photo actually shows seven pieces. You don’t get the media stand. Couldn’t somebody have cropped it out of the photo?

I noticed that last time the beds were offered, people claimed the shipping company only delivered to the curb, not the closest point of cover (wouldn’t come down driveways) as woot states. Do we know for sure which one it is this time around?

Has anyone seen the “Alligator Gold” tray? It looks more yellow than gold in the photo. Just wondering which it is. Thx.

Thanks! I didn’t realize that until you mentioned it. Deal breaker for me. I liked the entire set the way it was pictured. My luck I’d be chasing for that last piece and never complete the set so its not worth it for me.

How can they photoshop a wire from a keyboard but not take a media stand out of the photo…

The memory foam mattresses will be delivered via FedEx in a compressed roll.

For the bedroom sets, we checked with the buyer. The vendor has contracted with the freight carrier to deliver the items to the area immediately inside the front door.

Thanks for the information!

Here is a link to find out what a great deal this is as well as pick up that extra peice.

Are there side rails included with the Greenbriar bedroom set? It doesn’t list them as included, whereas the Somerset set lists them as separate included items.

Doesn’t look like it, no. Sorry. :confused:

Doesn’t look like it or confirmed with vendor?

the specs tab lists dimensions for the side rails for the Greenbriar set. So looks like they are indeed included.

Clarification please? If they are not included, they should not be in the specs page.

Perhaps manhandsha didn’t dig deep enough?

I bought this set last time and yes they were included.

Thanks. You recommend purchasing?

I do, however some things to note some of it is big but unusable space, some drawer glides may need to be adjusted for proper fit, some flaws in fit & finish (I am picky) but for the $ it gave a nice update.

Might have picked up one of the bedroom sets but what the am I going to do with one nightstand?

Shipped late and will likley take 4 - 8 weeks for me to get mine. :frowning:

Just got my bed set today or some of it at least, shipping companies incompetence is very high, first they ship it late now they deliver my 6 piece set only they only have 1 piece on the truck, WTF!