Can I get this in beer flavor?

I love Southpark.

I love the BEEFCAKE reference, but holy canolie… 25 servings of 23 grams of protein… for $50 including shipping? I haven’t tried this kind of protein before, but I cannot fathom it being worth the 2x per serving up-charge from other proteins I’ve had, precise blend of premium proteins or not.

I am NOT a doctor, nor do I pretend to be one.

Having said that…

CHECK THE INGREDIENTS of the oxyELITE protein powders.

They contain the artificial sweeteners Acesulfame Potassium, or “Ace-K” , and they also contain Sucralose, a chlorinated sugar…

DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, even if its just going to Google or WikiPedia.

I don’t think that these sweeteners are doing you or anyone any good, and they may, potentially, be doing some real, long-term harm.

Hey, that’s just my opinion!

Man Ace k is some bad stuff.
TOO many chemicals!!!
I’ll be better off buying better supplements elsewhere.

So… I click on BEEFCAKE!!! to see some beefcake and all I see are containers of protein supplements? What the …

I’ll never buy an oxyelite product again in my life after the recall on their “OxyElite Pro” supplements. People were contracting Hepatitis from this and my friend and I were personally using this at one point. I was fine (other than feeling queezy once in a while), but my friend’s liver enzyme levels were dangerously low and they thought he had Hepatitis as well. He quit taking the pills and they leveled out. I will always deem this company unsafe.