Beehive Cheese 2-Pack with Crackers

Beehive Cheese 2-Pack with Crackers
$29.99 $̶4̶0̶.̶0̶0̶ 25% off List Price
Promontory, 1 lb.
Ipanema, 1 lb.
RUSK Crackers, 4 oz. Box

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Plant or animal rennet?

Mmm looks good. Might get this to satiate my wine.woot withdrawls here in minneapolis

You and me both :frowning:
On the bright side, those with too much wine on their hands can start putting a dent in their collection rather than acquiring wine faster than they can consume it.

The specs page says vegetarian rennet.

Has anyone tried the Ipanema? I love the Promontory, and have already hit the big button, but am curious about the Ipanema.

I haven’t tried this variety, but I just picked up their Barely Buzzed at Whole Foods last weekend and really liked it.

Anyone know how long you can keep these cheeses (sealed and refrigerated) before consuming. Would they hold until Thanksgiving?

When will we see some Vella cheese? Hopefully in time to enjoy before Thanksgiving. Please? Pretty please??

We use several varieties of Beehive cheese at work all the time for charcuterie boards - they’re very good.

Perfect timing! We have one of our big dinners coming up and we love to put out a nice block of cheese or two. I really like the Promontory. I would love to have some TeaHive and Barely Buzzed though. Our guests always love those–as do we! :slight_smile:

Yes! Been waiting to see these cheeses up again. Love the Barely Buzzed and Sea Hive. Always wanted to try their Promontory, and the Ipanema with Sierra Nevada cultured butter and cocoa sounds pretty darn great. Can’t wait to try em!

I have to say, I was thinking this sounded pretty good until I saw the picture. Of the cheese. With bees on it. Now, not so much.

Does it come with the bees?

Beehive Cheese is AMAZING. Highly recommended. I haven’t tried either of these varieties yet but that’s not gonna stop me from buying.

every beehive cheese option i’ve tried has been absolutely delicious–you won’t be disappointed if you take advantage of this offer. i’m lucky enough to get multiple varieties locally, or i’d definitely be in for three. the promontory is fantastic in a grilled cheese sandwich. <=)


These will stay a very very very long time in the fridge so long as the vacuum pack is not compromised.

I have stored vacuum packed Parm from Italy for several years in the fridge and it was super when opened.

When I bought Vella Mezzo Secco Dry Jack Cheese from woot - I did not open it for 6 months after receiving and it was fantastic.

yay! beehive and point reyes are my fave cheese “brands”. wish i’d know this was coming up before i wasted my money on the igourmet cheeses; would have held off on those.

that being said, count me in! beehive, show me your love!