Beehive Cheese 2-Pack

Beehive Cheese 2-Pack
$29.99 $55.00 45% off List Price
1 - Fully Loaded Promontory-16 oz.
1 - ThreeHive Shred-16 oz.

Just had some Buzzed over the weekend with Klez and Molarchae. Nearly always reload when Beehive comes up, but shredded? That I can do myself. Yeah, it’s a mix, still…

Yeah, but…think of pizza. Mac and cheese. CONVENIENCE. And can you put together a pound of shreds of this quality cheaper? Seems doubtful. I might have to try it.

PS: Can we get some more smoked? Habanero? Pretty please?

Shredded = good excuse for opening and eating the whole darn package all at once

This ^

I was excited to see Beehive cheese, but I’m going to have to pass. I don’t like the flavor of alcohol, so whisky infused cheese isn’t going to do it for me. The shredded blend might be of interest, but then I’d have to figure out what to do with the Fully Loaded. Disappointed!

Next time can you offer two package options?

Would there be any alcohol flavor left? All the alcohol should evaporate after months of sitting. Or are you saying you don’t like the flavors imparted by rye whiskey?

Beehive makes good cheese but the ‘list price’ is fiction. I can buy it in my grocery store for ~$19/lb.

That’s still more than you’re paying here.

Has anyone tried the fully loaded? comments? Finally something I might be interested in that ships to SC!

Saw this pop up and thought I was going to pass - still have a pound of the buzzed and pound of the seahive from the last offer - but after seeing it’s different I might have to be in for a set!

hah, i literally ate almost the whole bag when the sample came in.

seriously good stuff.

Help !!! Want the cheese and yahoo won’t let me in !! Buy it not working !!

I am quite sure it is implied that the whiskey flavor is not a bonus, as I don’t care for the flavor either, much as I wouldn’t want vodka-infused ice cream or rum-flavored pork loin.

Adding my third vote for smoked & habanero.

Dear gods, I would. All of that. Please.

Isn’t any list price fiction these days?

I love whiskey, and rye is quite good. I’m not sure I like it in cheese, but I haven’t had this and therefore don’t know. This is what’s idiotic about statements like this – if you’ve never had it, how do you know you would or wouldn’t like it? Seriously, this is like my five year old’s aversion to anything that looks unfamiliar. It’s on that level.

I’m currently eating a cheddar cheese that’s beer infused, for instance. I did not know it was beer infused when I bought it, and I actually think it’s quite good, at least on sandwiches. Had I known it was made with beer, I wouldn’t have bought it (I picked it up because we really like other cheeses by this same manufacturer). On the other hand, my kids and wife didn’t like it.

So, remarks like “even though I’ve never had this and don’t know what it tastes like, I’m going to say I don’t like it because it has X in it, and don’t like X” are not useful.

Oh my goodness. I almost spit my water out (I have a 4.5yo and this is exactly her stance on anything not peanut butter or hot dogs).

For those uninitiated to Beehive, this is delicious cheese. I always buy when it is available. The size is perfect for bringing to a party, especially one where wine is the featured adult beverage of choice.

Please make sure you track the package religiously. If it is late or beat up you’ll need to return it as it is shipped with freezer parks to keep it cold. Or, if you are daring like me, you eat it anyways because you have some strange belief that cheese ages in caves so what is a little heat going to do.