Beehive Cheese Award Winning Barely Buzzed and Butter Bound - 2 lb. Pack

Beehive Cheese Award Winning Barely Buzzed and Butter Bound - 2 lb. Pack
$29.99 + $5 shipping
1 Barely Buzzed - 1 lb
1 Butter Bound - 1 lb

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10/20/10 (Woot-off)
10/9/09 (Woot-off)

The Barely Buzzed is one of the best cheeses I’ve ever had with a good red wine.

  • Serving Size: 1 oz (28g)
    • Servings per Container: 8

That’s only 1/2 a pound, unless pounds now contain 8 ounces instead of 16…

So, mods, are we getting 2 blocks of each cheese?

Oh hell this stuff is good!

What would you recommend?

Wow these sound awesome. Too bad I’m on a business trip all of next week. Does someone need to be there to sign for them? Thoughts on temperature stability if it sits outside my door waiting for the pet-sitter to put it in my fridge for a day (temps high 30s to about 60 right now where I am)? How fast is the turnaround for shipping time/anticipated delivery date to the east coast?

If it doesn’t arrive until the week after next then I’m in for sure:-)

Umm…is it just me, or is this really ridiculously expensive?

Is the Barely Buzzed vegetarian? I’m guessing not since the Butter Bound specifically says “Vegetarian Rennet” but Barely Buzzed just says “Enzymes”?

What if I’m not a wine drinker? I do love cheese. Any suggestions on what to cook using this cheese?

It says:
** Cheese will be cut, wrapped and begin shipping the following week.

So it sounds like the week after next would be the earliest you get it if they’re not going to start cutting and wrapping and shipping until next week…

But if not, can’t you arrange for the petsitter to hang out the day it’s delivered? Get an extra set and bribe–er, gift to petsitter?

So is this really worth taking the price risk for being out of touch rube when it comes to cheese?

aged cheese like this tend to cost this much or more…which sucks cuz that means i can’t have any

They ship this cheese with one of those frozen gel packs–and it was still frozen when I got mine last time this was on here (west coast.) The butter bound is delicious!

Previous woot, owner stated it is 16 oz


Don’t quality posts usually get some sort of summary link on the main page instead of just a verbatim copy of the comment? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had the Barely Buzzed before, and I remember the owner saying that they used a vegetable rennet. Just to be sure, I checked on line and found this list of cheeses that use vegetable rennet.

I think that this cheese is the most addicting cheese on the planet. If I am not careful, I could eat a half pound in one sitting.

We had the Barely Buzzed as part of a cheese plate a last week while in Seattle. I barely got a taste because my husband scarfed it! Fantastic stuff - but this time I’m not sharing!

No one needs to sign for the cheese, so you might get a neighbor to watch your door for you. But you should tell them that they are delivering your cheesemaking KIT. Otherwise you could return to a very happy neighbor and no cheese.