Beehive Cheese Award Winning Promontory and TeaHive - 2 Pound Pack

MMMmmmmmMmmmMMmm…cheeeeeeessseeeeee… :slight_smile:

Beehive Cheese Award Winning Promontory and TeaHive - 2 Pound Pack
$29.99 + $5 shipping
1 1 lb TeaHive
1 1 lb Promontory


Picked some of this up at Wegmans once, granted not a 2lb pack but was still amazing.

I bought cheese to move it along. You’re welcome. Works out for both of us.

Got this brand, but not these varieties a long time ago from wine.woot. I’m a little sad the Seahive isn’t on offer this time around, because it is spectacular. Also got a coffee-rubbed one, Barely Buzzed, if I remember right. A lot of wooters liked it, but it did nothing for me.

I can’t speak for the Teahive, it seems to be new. But I have had the Promontory, and it’s very nice. This deal is probably worth pulling the trigger, I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

What a friend we have in cheeses.

I ordered when they offered this before. That offering had the lavender one.

My b/f and I LOVED THE CHEESE LAST TIME! I hope this one is as good as the last.

In for one.

Got the lavender and buzzed offer last time…amazing stuff. No hesitation pushing the yellow button for this!:slight_smile:

I absolutely adore Beehive cheeses, they’re delicious. Now I wish I had a time machine so I could go into the future and have my purchase right now!

I live about half a mile from beehive cheese. We buy all our cheese there. It’s spectacular! Some of the best cheese money can buy IMO. You won’t be disappointed. The promontory is especially amazing.


(insert this isn’t wine comment here)

ALthough I am hopeful to see a few certain wines during this woot-off, my checkbook is pleased to see items like aprons & cheeses that I can resist.
I may, however, only be able to resist the cheese because I am currently in Europe being spoiled by Dutch & French dairy products.
Yet it is nice to know that my wallet can rest easy for an hour or so while the cheese stands alone.

I’m in. I hope this cheese is half as good as the comments promise. mmm. cheese.

Stop by for a free bag of Squeaky Cheese:)


I love cheese so much and lately I’ve been hitting up local cheese shops for the best stuff I can find.

I’m willing to spend on this but can anyone tell me about the flavor?

I tend to like sharper and aged cheeses, will I like this?

Thank you!

maybe some sea salt caramels soon :)))

Would be good idea to include squeaky cheese in the next beehive woot offering!!

Cheeses love me, this I know…

In for one!

Bought the other offering (barely buzzed) last time and it was fantastic. i am sure this wont disappoint either.