Beehive Cheese Barely Buzzed & Sea Hive

Beehive Cheese Company - Barely Buzzed and Sea Hive
$29.99 $45.00 33% off List Price
(1) Beehive Cheese Company - Barely Buzzed, 1lb
(1) Beehive Cheese Company - SeaHive, 1lb

We’ve had their cheese before, including the Barely Buzzed, and it is REALLY good.

I’m guessing that this does NOT require refrigeration prior to opening??? Anybody know?? Helloooooo??? Kind of need to know this before I can order some! Thnx!

Yes, it does require refrigeration. The last time I ordered this, it came packed along with two large gel freezer packs in the box.

I ordered them before Christmas, so it was cold outside, no need to worry. They came packaged nicely with 2 large gel packs to keep them cold.

i’m eating a lovely grilled cheese with seahive and bacon right now! mmmmm…

p.s. do yourself a favor and pick up these great beehive cheeses along with some creminelli salami for a mighty tasty utah snack pack! <=)

Beehive makes very good cheeses. I personally love the Vella cheeses even more. These cheeses are firm but moist and absolutely require refrigeration. The firm, dry Jack cheeses from Vella last longer in the refrigerator. Since shipping is included and the price is the same as the last time this was offered, it is not a bad deal as a woot! off. However, it does seem like it is designed more to increase sales by making it into a short term offer as opposed to a great bargain on something with a limited supply.

After some contemplation and reeducation, I must repent and confess woot! offs are way too much fun to be criticized. Buy! Buy! Tomorrow we may die! (Would Sheldon guess right on this post?)

Good work, my friend! ^Katie

thanks for making such delicious products! i love looking through your selections at the grocery store every week…

My wife and I love this stuff, but she is now pregnant and there’s some wonky rules about cheeses in pregnancy, apparently. So I’m supposed to ask: Is this cheese pasteurized?

Hey Daddy-O! Congrats. Yes, this cheese is pasteurized. And as a fellow lady expecting, I can tell you without a doubt, that these two cheeses make for excellent pregnancy noshing :-). ^Katie

Awesome–congratulations to you, too! We’re in for one!

YAY! You’ve been converted! Next will come assimilation.

What stores carry this brand? I have a daughter that LOVES cheese and I want to try this out before jumping in for this quantity/price. I’d like to find something in a smaller size.

do you happen to live in utah?