Beehive Cheese Barely Buzzed & Sea Hive

Beehive Cheese Company - Barely Buzzed and Sea Hive
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
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Beehive Cheese Company Barely Buzzed, 1lb Wedge
Beehive Cheese Company SeaHive, 1lb Wedge

Printed to order? I always wondered why this cheese was so expensive :slight_smile:

Where can one buy a cheese printing printer?

LOL. We’re have some stupid hard coded stuff on delivery times. We’re having to use that one until we get some new messaging put in.

Beehive Cheeses are all pasteurized right?

Isn’t it legally required, except under limited circumstances? They discuss their milk here, but don’t address pasteurization.

Barely Buzzed and Seahive are both made with pasteurized milk. /tim

How well do these keep? I’d like to try some but I’m a little worried i won’t be able to eat 2 lbs of cheese before it gets moldy.

I got this previously. The cheese was high-quality but I didn’t love the added flavorings. I would love to see offers in this price and quality range from other vendors.

Per the specs:

Best By Date: Within 120 Day of Receipt

Our smoked apple and Cajun cheeses from last months offer were delicious and kept for 3-4 weeks with no problem, then they were gone. I should get some more!

They last about a week. Maybe longer, but I tend to eat it that quickly.

They last way longer. I stock them at every opportunity they come up, and try to eat the oldest first. Generally that isn’t an issue. Seldom is there an “oldest one” left.
I did find one orphaned in the back for well over a year. It didn’t last long after being discovered.

Yup, in for more.