Beehive Cheese Company

Hooray! TeaHive is back! I have been waiting so (im)patiently. Thank you!

Me and some friends really enjoyed the lavender and coffee cheese that we got from this company through woot.

Guis, guis, payday is tomorrow, please don’t sell out of the smoked stuff before tomorrow. I loves it so.

Can we get a shipping estimate on the cheeses, please? Trying to decide if it’ll work with my holiday traveling.

I second the request for a shipping estimate. I want cheese to be delivered into my loving arms, not sitting on my doorstep for days. I will not have my beloved Beehive cheese pilfered.

This cheese was so amazingly good last time that I must have more! The Teahive sounds intriguing, does anyone have experience with the Promontory?

Unopened, yeah, that may be difficult, what is the expected life of these when stored in optimal conditions (which would be what)?

Need to answer the question of not which, but how many…

this woot plus ends on 11/25. with thanksgiving factored in, it will likely ship the first week of December.


It’s been awhile, but I remember really liking the Promontory, especially with a bit of berry preserves on a cracker. It’s a little sweet and creamy.

Holy Jersey Bovines, this is good cheese! I wish we could make our own combos or buy one flavor at a time, though. I’m crazy about the SeaHive but am probably one of the few who doesn’t care for the espresso/lavender rub on the BarelyBuzzed (the cheese itself is great, just don’t care for the rub).

I’d probably get 4-6 lbs. if I could select individual flavors or mix-n-match on my own. Guess I will pick up a new combo instead. Hmm, what to try…

I’m with you, Chip - I dislike the taste and smell of coffee in all it’s manifestations. So, the Barely Buzzed means I don’t get the Sea Hive. But I will get some other of the offerings, the only question being which one.

I’ll gladly PM my address to anyone wanting to dump the Barely Buzzed.

I am just west of Boston, and also love the Barely Buzzed.

I can’t answer about what optimal would be, but in their original packaging, in my fridge, I’ve had them last a year. Never less than four months. They just keep getting better.

I take a weekly look at them, and eat them if I notice mold starting, either a patch of mold or the plastic wrap stops being tight and starts to ‘inflate’. And don’t mistake the normal blooming of good cheddar for mold.

I tried this combination a couple years back.

I was very under impressed with the Promontory. Very creamy, yes, but very very plain, and an odd texture in the mouth.

I remember thinking of it as being something like high-end American cheese - the stuff you get pre-sliced with the wax paper separators.

I’m with you. I love this cheese, but I find myself only getting excited about 1/2 of each of the offering. Ironically, I’m afraid I won’t like the salt on the salt hive pair…I know I like the buzzed flavor.

If I could pick the flavors I’d probably end up with at least 3 or 4…but it’s a little pricey to be buying when you’re expecting to not love or be underwhelmed by 1/2 the package.

Really enjoyed this cheese. Wish it came up last week so I could have it in time for Thanksgiving! Maybe next time.

Has anyone tried the Uintah Jack?

Howdy! The Promontory is a sweet, creamy semi-firm cow’s milk cheese. It’s the base cheese of all our other rubbed-rind cheeses and is delicious as a stand alone. ^Katie