Beehive Cheese Company

I like the placement of the Core cutting board and what looks to be a Shun knife in the pictures ;). Good ad placement.

They’re pretty clever. :wink: What cheese is calling your name now that we’ve got your attention?

They’re not just in my neck of the woods, we undoubtedly have the same view of the Wasatch range out our back window. Mayhap this unseasonably warm Utah day calls for a trip to the cheese shop!

PS, No - YOU intah!

I had the opportunity to try the barely buzzed and sea hive from wine woot many moons ago.

I was surprised how well the lavender and coffee grounds worked together. It’s incredible how well the flavors penetrate into the cheese so it’s not just on the outside.

If you’ve ever found yourself saying “I’ve had salty, now I need sweet!” then you will also enjoy the sea hive. It’s salty AND sweet!

two thumbs up from this wooter.

I’ve been waiting for the TeaHive to come up again! Really enjoyed it and the Promontory last time.

Beehive Cheese Company

Beehive Cheese Company - Barely Buzzed and Sea Hive
$29.99 (Normally $42.10) 29% off List Price
Barely Buzzed 1lb Wedge
SeaHive 1lb Wedge

Beehive Cheese Company - TeaHive and Promontory
$29.99 (Normally $42.10) 29% off List Price
TeaHive 1lb Wedge
Promontory 1lb Wedge

Beehive Cheese Company - Apple Walnut Smoked and Smoked Habanero
$29.99 (Normally $42.10) 29% off List Price
Smoked Promontory with Habanero 1lb Wedge
Apple Walnut Smoked 1lb Wedge

Beehive Cheese Company - Big John’s Cajun and Uintah Jack
$29.99 (Normally $42.10) 29% off List Price
Big John’s Cajun 1lb Wedge
Uintah Jack 1lb Wedge

Previous offers:

I live in the grand state that produces this cheese, and I’ve tried most of these.

If you hate coffee, and you get the barely buzzed, you’ll be disappointed; otherwise this cheese is AMAZING!!!

The only question is how many and what flavors…damn I love this stuff!

I know that vendors do their own shipping and it’s that much harder for wine.woot to predict these things than the rest of the Woot empire…

but is there any chance we can expect these in time for Thanksgiving, or is that time frame unrealistic?


I really want to give these out for Christmas because the flavors are unusual. Can someone tell me how long these are good for? Or are they going to expire before I manage to give them out for Christmas??

Come to think of it, since each pair of cheeses is its own page – if we order multiple pairs of cheeses, will they be packaged together or separately?

I hope separately, because I just bought one for me and one for a coworker. Any chance you can confirm Woot staff?

I’m pretty sure it’s separately because logic tells me it’d get confusing otherwise, but we’re asking to be extra triple sure.

We’re also checking to see if your T-day will be cheesy. :slight_smile:


I might need some cheese…but which combo???

I may have to be in. Love me some cheese.

I want the Tea and the Honey ones. Why aren’t those together?! :wah:

Likely in for the TeaHive and Promontory, but there aren’t any tasting notes for the Promontory. Anyone?

That’s exactly the combo I would want, too.

I’ve had these at a wine tasting before and they are EXCELLENT! Especially pairing with the right wines. In addition to the Teahive and Seahive we had an oustanding mango stilton, but it must’ve been a different dairy because I don’t see it anywhere on Beehive’s website. . .

Now I just need to figure out which combo(s) I want!

Can anyone put forward a good comparison as to a cheese that the interior of any/ all of these are like? I realize that they are flavored by the rubs, I am just curious as to the base texture and flavor. Jack? Cheddar? Dry jack? Asagio? Gouda?

Also, is the promontory a different style? How so?

I have only had the buzzed and IIRC it is slightly firmer than a Gouda.