Beehive Cheese Duo

First I saw “CHEESE!” Then I thought… oh. Yeah. Didn’t really care for that barely buzzed.

But the seahive rocked. If it was just that, I’d get it.

Sweet! Never met a cheese I didn’t like!

Cheese! Why did it have to be cheese!

Lavender in cheese? Is this common? It sounds interesting…

Agreed. I popped in here to say the same thing.
Oh man that seahive… :9

Hey, can you elaborate, please? Why did one rock you, and not the other?

Honestly, I didn’t think it worked. Maybe if it was the lavender alone. Or maybe the coffee alone. But the combination was just weird. I really have no other way to describe it.

The Barely Buzzed is crusted in coffee and lavender. The central bits of it, away from the crust, were OK, but as you get closer to the crust, the flavor became much stronger and it was just a weird combination. I think I ate a few pieces and up the middle and threw the rest away.

The Seahive is a lovely combination of sweet, salty, and cheese, with its hints of honey and sea salt. I was sad to see the end of that one when I ate the last bit of it. It was something between mild and medium flavored and was just really enjoyable.

Thanks for the quick review. I’ll be sure to jump on the seahive if I see it offered alone.

I really liked both. A LOT. I am crazy about coffee, and the lavender/coffee didn’t bother me - in fact that was my favorite part of that cheese.

Does anyone remember how long these cheese will last? Trying to decide how much to buy.

I saw an episode on Food Network of Road Tasted with the Neely’s and they featured this company’s cheese. Looked really cool! They loved the one with coffee and lavender.

For me, the flavor of the beehive was nice - something different and interesting. However I think what made it a bit different was the texture of the coating. While it is finely ground, it is exactly that - ground. So the mouthfeel didn’t sit quite right on those outer pieces for me. I would definitely eat it again, although a whole pound may be a bit much…

How about some cypress grove up in this joint?!?

Tim, the cheesemaker form Beehive Cheese here…
I know the coffee and lavender thing sounds weird. Here is the deal. you put cream in your coffee, so we put coffee on our cream. The lavender is very subtle and I can only tell that it is there by the way it effects the finish of the cheese. This cheese is good with your favorite medium red, like a zin. My personal fav is an Oregon Pinot Noir from Archery Summit “06 Red Hills Estate” to be specific.

Barely Buzzed has won first place in its category for the last 3 years in a row at the American Cheese Society annual competition…

And… The SeaHive is just plain good cheese. Also great with a medium red…

just finished a quarter pound of the barely buzzed. it is an interesting cheese, but the flavor gets tiresome after a bit. if you hope to actually taste cheese, pass on this one.

The cheese is vacuum packaged and will last for months in the fridge unopened. Once you open it, eat it withing a few weeks. wrap any leftovers tightly in plastic wrap to keep the oxygen away.

Nutrition Facts:

* Serving Size: 1 oz (28g)
* Servings per Container: 8

1 oz x 8 servings = 8 oz = 1/2 lb

Isn’t this for 1b of each though?

Williams Sonoma has a package of same cheese (they add crackers) but considerably smaller (7oz and 6oz portions) for $44.95.

I’m very tempted – but am thinking I too would tire of the buzzed long before getting through a pound. Would be great for a holiday party!

THIS, please :slight_smile:

Oh, and in for one on this sale :heart:

I having trouble imagining a pound of cheese. Is the picture roughly equivalent to how much will be shipped? Is that only a small fraction? Somewhat ashamed to say my wife usually buys our cheese and I really have no idea how much that is…