Beehive Cheese Duo

bought wayyy too much wine… now i got no money for cheese :frowning:

I didn’t even notice the coffee part…wow. Yeah, that would be a bit disturbing for my taste buds, especially since I’m not a coffee drinker. Maybe green tea + lavender cheese!

A friend of mine had bought these and had us over for a wine and cheese party. I found that the Seahive was really good, and went well with many wines. On the other hand Barely Buzzed while being interesting in taste with it’s coffee blend didn’t seem to really go well with wine. I would still give both Cheese Duo cheeses a thumbs up, but I would save the Barely Buzzed for a time you’re not drinking wine.

I also was not as huge a fan of the coffee, but it is a better cheese than most.
The honey was outstanding! I actually asked for this as a birthday gift. That was 6 months ago and I’m drooling for more.

WD, any ballpark on shipping timeline? Would like to have this come to work so I can make sure it is properly received, however with the holidays coming up I don’t want it to arrive after I have gone home for 2 weeks!

Price for 8oz of the Seahive cheese on the Beehive website is $8 plus $16 shipping. That makes this a good deal even if you don’t care for the coffee one!


There is a local wine store that sells this stuff. The Seahive is outstanding, but I am not a fan of the Barely Buzzed. The Seahive sells for about $23 a lb here plus tax.

Splendid cheeses. I had a mild throat reaction to the buzz though.

Count me in for the deal. I think the salt/honey combo will be killer, the other…mehhh. I am willing to try it.

I usually stop by the cheese display area in the supermarket and buy little hunks of different things, gets a little spendy doing it but is very fun. If this does not work out, I will be gifting 1/8 lb. hunks… lol

Saw this the last time it was offered and almost bought. I too would jump if it was just the seahive, or any other combo the company makes. Not a big coffee fan to start with so not sure Id like it on cheese, especially a pounds worth. Might have to pony up the extra bucks and get a sampler from the company though. Sounds like some good stuff on their other varieties.

Serving size: 1oz. Servings per container:8.
For each 1 lb block. Huh?

I have to assume that was just pasted from the company website, as most of their sales sizes are 7 or 8 ozs.

Does anyone know if this is gluten-free?

We order this duo the last time it was on woot. About a year ago. The Seahive was awesome. Great flavor balance. I kept it well sealed in the fridge and it lasted a very long time (Months). I have been hoping to see it here again, since i was having a hard time getting it directly from the plant.

The Bearly Buzzed was not as good. To me the flavor combination was off. I don’t really like lavender so much. I still have the bearly buzzed in the fridge from the last time it was here (about a year). And I cut off a piece when I need a cheese fix.

I will be watching my mailbox closely for this box :slight_smile: mmmmmm cheese

If you need any more help deciding, read the reviews from the last time this was offered:

From the Beehive website, Free shipping if you spend $100, They have a sampler that has all there Cheese for $84 then you can add in others foe about $8 each. I think I am going to try that.

Cheese, Gromit, Cheese!

I’m a fan of lavender in my cheese. Whole Foods have a lavender-anise chevre which I adore.

Struggled with clicking the yellow button last time this was up, then regretted it. So, in for one, and looking forward to trying these out.

Oh man oh man…
I have a bad cheese addiction and high cholesterol.

If it weren’t for this:
% Daily Value:

* Total Fat: 9g 14%
* Saturated Fat: 6g 30%
* Cholesterol: 29mg 10%

I would TOTALLY woot this for myself.
I must admire this woot from afar.

I just need to get back to doing more cardio (it’s the only thing I’ve found that reduces my cholesterol without having to take any drugs) and I’ll be good again - good enough to woot something like this.

1 LB wedge of each - s/b 16 servings per!!