Beehive Cheese Duo

Got these when they were up before, they were delicious!

These look fabulous!!! Experience anyone?
Recommend or not?

Thank you Woot Gods! I request cheese, and I get cheese!!

OK, I’m sure this was planned anyway. I purchased the last offering from Beehive, and it was fracking incredible. In for two: one for me and one for the foodie SO.

I have been waiting for this to come back for MONTHS, they’re absolutely delicious.

These are absolutely excellent! Praise be the Woot gods! Can’t wait to get my order.

Yum! In for one.

ok, I bought. hope they are as good as you
all are saying! Can’t wait to try it with
some great red wine. How long will
they last fresh? Thanks

I just had the Barely Buzzed the other day. They sell these at the Phoenix Public Market Downtown. YUM!

~$18 a pound for CHEESE? Makes Ken Onion knives look a lot better.

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Barely Buzzed


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I bought a sampler pack with about 7 or 8 different Cheeses Direct right from the Company, My wife and I enjoyed each and every one. I even got some kind of curd.

What kind of bee makes milk?

Product website. These go for about a buck an ounce on their site, plus shipping so you are saving some money. It isn’t a screaming deal, however.

Curse you, NightGhost. Beat me again.

I would mention that the combination of lavender and coffee may seem odd with cheese, but trust us. It works. I was somewhat skeptical the last time and this stuff just blew me away.

Alright, my first woot. This looks like the perfect start.

Happy California cows be damned…I’m in!

The same issue goes for Shun Ken Onion knives and Beehive cheese. If you want cheap cheddar, go ahead to Costco and buy it in bulk. Ditto cheap knives. This is artisan cheese, made in small quantities, by hand. Expect to pay significantly more for a significantly higher quality. Note all the “OMG!11!! I’ve been waiting for this to come back!” posts.


Strange question, but do you know if this is pasteurized? Love cheese but this pregnancy thing just gets in the way sometimes.

There are very few things I love like I love Beehive cheese. Both of these flavors are amazing. If you like strong cheddars, it’s right up your alley. Barely Buzzed is stronger, Seahive is a little smoother.

I’ve sat through the last four woot-offs hoping to see this with the same kind of anticipation usually reserved for bags of random whatnot. Seriously, this is the best stuff ever.